Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Harper is TWO!


Sweet Harper,

You are two years old!  And acting every bit of it, and then some! I went back to read your sister’s 2 year post for nostalgia’s sake and I’m not sure y’all could be any more different.  Then I read your one year post and pretty much prophesied what the terrible twos would look like for you, so I guess I can’t be too surprised. 



Harper Kate, your smile can light up a room.  You smile with your whole face and come at life with every ounce of body. You are an absolute ham – your daddy and I have joked that you had better hope that you are smart, or else your teachers are not going to love your little goofball antics! 


You are talking all day long – some of my favorite quotes right now: When I put you down for bed now you say “I go crib now. I call you momma. I call you.”  If I ask you if you need your diaper changed, you either say “Nooo, I fine!” or “All bettah now!” aka – you are done going potty in your diaper.  “Where Hadee go?” (with your hands up).  Your favorite line is “I do it by self!”

I honestly can’t tell if you know your colors yet, or not.  Sometimes you surprise me and get them right, and other days, everything is “geeeen!” You have zero interest in “practicing” any colors, letters, etc, but can jump and kick a ball better than most 4 year olds.  For as “advanced” as your gross motor skills are for your age, your are surprisingly cautious.  You will climb up on top of the coffee table and stand up, only to to freeze and start yelling “hep me, momma! I stuck!” which is more out of fear than lack of ability. 


We are still dealing with some pretty major separation anxiety.  When we went to register you for preschool next year, it was obvious you were feeling super anxious and scotch taped yourself to my leg.  I’m praying that as your communication skills improve, so will your anxiety!  In addition to the separation anxiety, you can throw a tantrum with the best of the best, kiddo.  I’ve tried everything I can think of to try to subdue your tantrums, but once you’ve decided you’re upset, that’s it.  There’s no off switch.  We have had more than our fair share of shopping trips, meals, and play dates cut short.  I have to remind myself daily that this won’t last forever!


You love: your sister, getting your way, Frozen, dance parties (especially dancing with Hadley), sonic grilled cheese, chips and queso, your ruff-ruff & “frankie” aka: blankie, your paci (hopefully we can kick that sometime this year!), fruit & veggie “packets”, snuggling with mommy, reading books (right now your library consists of sesame street books, “Hands are not for hitting” and “Teeth are not for biting” ;)), going outside, and running away from me in busy parking lots.


You dislike: being told no, eating vegetables, sharing toys, when mommy leaves, having your diaper changed (you know, there is something you could do about that one…).

You had an A+ 2 year well check this week:

  • Height: 37”  which is >99%
  • Weight: 30 lbs 10oz
  • Size 5 diapers and mostly 3t and 4t clothes depending on the brand (you and Hadley are thisclose to being able to share clothes!)
  • And still no “canine” teeth or 2 year molars

Harper Kate, even on the hard days, we love you “way, way more than you know” and I’m so thankful for your sweet, goofy spirit!  I pray that the Lord will do BIG things with your BIG personality!  Love you, sweet girl!




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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy FOURTH Birthday, Hadley!

Four years ago, at this very moment, Hadley was about to be born (finally after 22 hours of labor)! In honor of that, just a quick post to share her birthday survey (that I started doing last year) and a photo!


Hadley Newborn Photos

Hadley Ann,

What an honor it is to be your momma! The past 4 years have absolutely flown by and, while they’ve been some of the most exhausting and stressful years of my life, they’ve been, by far, the most rewarding, fun, joyful years!  Each day we get more glimpses into your personality and the little girl you’re becoming and we are so proud of you!  You are hands down the best big sister.  You want to be Harper’s momma some days, but it’s only because you love her so much!  You are patient, caring, loving, and fun – both with your little sister and your friends.  You love puzzles – and are working on 60-75 piece puzzles these days – and Candy Land and Frozen!  And dance parties with Harper!  I pray daily that you and Harper would always remember what a blessing it is to have a sister; I hope you two are as thankful for each other as I am for y’all!

We had such a fun day celebrating FOUR today.  Can’t wait to see what this next year brings!  Love you to the moon and back sweet girl!




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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

Now that I think our Christmas cards have all reached their destinations, I wanted to share our family pictures that we took in November.  I *won* a session with Lauren Clark and was just giddy from the moment it was announced!  I first found Lauren when I was searching for a wedding photographer 8 something years ago.  She was based in Lubbock at the time and was booked for our wedding date (thankfully she recommended someone she was mentoring who became a good friend – shout out to Sarah!), but I have followed her career ever since.  She is now based in Kansas City, but announced on facebook that she was traveling to DFW for a weekend of family sessions. She was an absolute miracle worker with the girls – anyone who can get Harper to smile like she did deserves a medal!  Without further adieu…


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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

November is here! In my book, that means it’s fair game to start decorating for Christmas!  And with that, comes Christmas cards!  We haven’t had our family pictures done yet, so I haven’t picked mine, but I’m so excited about the designs that minted has this year! 
I went through to start trying to narrow down my favorites and had quite a few!  I thought I’d share just a few of them with y’all!
Hap-Happiest Time Holiday Photo Cards
This one made me smile… this would be adorable with a bit of an “outtake” picture Smile 
Calm-ish + Bright Holiday Photo Cards
A lot of my favorites look similar, because I LOVE this whimsical, hand-written look…
Merry Wish Holiday Photo Cards
Handwritten Holidays Holiday Photo Cards
Holiday Revelry Holiday Photo Cards
(You’d probably want to pick a picture or a card shape that didn’t cut off the tops of your heads, but I love that shape in the one above!)
There are so many personalizing options, too!  That makes it so much easier to make your card unique and match with the style of your photo!
Very Merry Flourish Holiday Photo CardsVery Merry Flourish Holiday Photo Cards
Very Merry Flourish Holiday Photo Cards
This is one of my absolute favorites – with just the right picture it would be adorable!
A Wonderful Life Holiday Photo Cards
Also, if photo cards aren’t your thing, they have a lot of gorgeous designs without photos! I just love this one…
Oh Holy Night Sky Holiday Non-Photo Cards
And I love the simplicity of this one…
A Little Christmas Whimsy Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards
Both of those cards are also foil-pressed. I love that look – elegant and unique!
I could seriously keep going on and on with more “favorites” but I’ll let you just go look for yourself!  Have you ordered yours yet? Which ones are your favorite? I know it can be a big undertaking to send out a lot of cards, but it’s truly one of my favorite things to receive cards from loved ones near and far!

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