Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dallas World Aquarium

This past weekend, Matt finally had a break from what’s been a really busy stretch at work.  We decided to make the most of it and got up early on Saturday to head downtown to the Dallas World Aquarium.  We had a really fun time and even grabbed lunch afterwards at the food trucks at the new Klyde Warren Park downtown.  I didn’t get any pictures at the park, but I did get a few from the aquarium.  Thankfully, Harper slept pretty much the entire time we were there, so we were able to take our time (as much as a 2 year old wants to take their time) getting through to see all the animals. 


I will say that, while we had a really fun time at the aquarium, I wouldn’t really classify it as an aquarium.  It’s more of a rainforest I guess?  There were lots of birds, monkeys… a sloth and a giant anteater!  I had never seen one of those, but it was HUGE!  Like, the size of a small bear.  Hadley told us that her favorite animals were the “baby butters” (otters) and the “baffs” (giraffes).  Apparently Matt and I missed the giraffe exhibit there. ;)

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Just a couple quick pictures to highlight March (and a few from April), to try to get caught up on the blog.

This picture of Hadley cracks me up.  She pulled that yellow stretchy thing out of the toy box, set it on the carpet and then grabbed her camera and proceeded to snap about 50 pictures of it.  Think she’s seen me do that a time or two (not with that yellow thing… but you get the idea).


They celebrated Texas Independence Day at school with a Texas week.  They took hilarious pictures of the kids in cowboy attire and posted them on the door.  Hadley had a blast with this and loved to show me her picture every time we were there.


I had to commemorate my first trip to Target with both girls by myself.  We’ve since been probably 10 more times at least, so I feel like an old pro already.  It is definitely like running a marathon, though, to get grocery shopping done with both girls. 


This day, I was loading up the car for school, and I turned around to see this.  Hadley looked at me and said “Ho-see tummin wit us.”  Thankfully when I explained that we didn’t have a carseat for ho-see, she quickly nodded and brought him back in, explaining to him “no ca-seat ho-see. You tay home. See you later!”


Tried to get a picture of the girls together before leaving for school and this is the best I could get.  I wonder what they were both looking at that was more interesting than my camera?


I told Hadley I wanted a picture of her because I thought she looked so cute.  Apparently that was insulting and she proceeded to pout at the car.  Oh to be inside the mind of a two year old.


Thankfully, she was in a better mood when I picked her up from school. :)


Early morning deep conversations in momma’s bed. :)  One of my biggest prayer is that these two would grow up to be the best of friends.  Always supporting and loving each other.


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Easter Recap

In true fashion I’m late with this, but I wanted to finally get a few pictures up from our Easter weekend.  This was the first “real” holiday that we’ve spent just the 4 of us, and to be honest, I didn’t really even plan anything.  We wound up going to church and then out to a quick brunch and that was that.  It was nice to keep it simple – we have plenty of years ahead of us where the girls will keep us busy enough!

The Easter bunny made a quick stop at our house before church, and I attempted to get some pictures of the girls with their baskets.  You can see how well that went. ;)


Thanks to the sweet little junior high guy holding the door at church, we managed to finally get a picture taken with all four of us!  Lovely background, yes?  And Hadley looks THRILLED to be there.  Such is life these days!


We went to Gordon Biersch for brunch after church where you can tell Hadley perked up a bit. :)


All in all, we missed our families, but had a sweet little Easter weekend celebrating our risen Lord!

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Harper: 2 Month Pictures

Just a quick post to share Harper’s pictures from her 2 month birthday :) Sorry for the overload of pictures that only look slightly different.  I am THAT mom who can’t pick just one.


2 month pic edits

1 Month Pics2 month pic edits

And because I’ve been asked a few times again – her onesies are from The Hairbow Company (as are most of her accessories)! ;)

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Harper: Two Months

Harper Kate, you are TWO months old!  It is amazing how fast time flies and you are already looking more like a “baby” instead of a “newborn” to me.  You are most definitely plumping up, too and I love to squeeze your sweet little rolls!  We’ll find out on Wednesday what your stats are at your appointment. {And we’re praying you don’t react to these shots the way your sister did!}
Your schedule still isn’t super predictable, and if you were an only child, I’d probably be doing something about that, but honestly, I know I won’t be able to keep you on a super strict schedule thanks to your big sister, so we’re just rolling with the punches for now.  You are nursing 6-10x a day, on average every 3 hours.  At night, you will occasionally give me a 5-6 hour stretch between feeds, but your norm is a 4 hour stretch, then every 3 hours from there on out.  I’ll probably regret this at some point, but you take basically all of your naps in the swing right now.
You tend to have a fussy period in the evenings, but that already seems to be getting a little bit better.   You love the swing and the swaddle.  I bought a woombie on a whim before you were born and am officially sold.  We now have three of them and I’m thinking of investing in more because they are so much easier than a regular swaddle blanket.  I’m not sure if that’s the difference or not, but you love to be swaddled, whereas your sister was over it by this age.
You are great at nursing (as we discovered just minutes after you were born) and seem to be a little more efficient than your sister was.  You do, however, have silent reflux, so you are taking Zantac right now twice a day.  Hadley took this, too, but while it didn’t seem to do much for her, it does seem to be helping you. 
You don’t love your car seat, which makes it tough when we have to be on the go for big sister.  We’ve all had to learn to just tolerate a screaming baby in the car on occasion.  If only you were allowed to be in the front seat so I could hold your paci in the whole time!
You are starting to smile more and more and it just melts my heart!  I love to see your sweet little grin and listen to your little coos!  {The picture below says your first smile was March 12th, but it’s really just the first one I caught on camera… you had been smiling off and on for about a week at that point.}
You definitely recognize and prefer me to anyone else right now.  Even when nana was here helping recently (Hadley has ALWAYS preferred nana to me) you would get a little pouty face if I handed you off.  {speaking of that pouty face – it is JUST like your daddy’s; both when he was a baby & now ;)}  This picture of your daddy below could seriously be you!
Your eyes are still blue/gray and actually have looked a little bluer the past couple weeks.  Maybe my prediction will be wrong?  We’ll see! 
Here are your stats for the month: {I’ll update this after our appointment this week}
  • Height: 23.5" (87%)
  • Weight: 12 lbs 8oz (76%)
  • Diapers: Size 1, although I’m thinking when I’m done with this case we may move to 2s already!
  • Clothes: Mainly 3 month
Harper – always know how loved you are!  You are the sweetest addition to our family and I love seeing you grow right before our eyes! You are my little sugar!
Love you so much,
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