Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Harper: 4 Month Pictures


And an outtake… photobombed yet again by big sister. ;)


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Harper: 4 Months

Sweet Harper, you are FOUR months old (plus a week or so…thanks to your lack of sleeping lately, momma is a little behind). Sister, you are giving me a run for my money this month.  I remember 4 months being rough with your sister, and you have not broken that mold.  Our nice little schedule we had going last month has gone out the window and neither one of us is getting much sleep lately.  You’ve been showing “growth spurt” symptoms for weeks now, so either we’re just in a fussy stretch or you are about to start walking and talking right before our eyes. ;) I won’t even attempt to write out your “schedule” right now – just suffice it to say the longest sleeping stretch you’ve given me in a week or so has been about 3 hours and other than that, you are either waking up just b/c after 45 minutes or wanting to eat every 2 hours.  Thankfully, despite this being one of the roughest patches we’ve had with you, you are still fairly happy and somewhat easily distracted. 

You LOVE the k’tan and Moby wraps – and daddy has even worn the baby bjorn with you once or twice.  As long as you are upright and being worn/moving around you’re happy. 



You’re still not a big fan of your car seat, so it’s very possible we’ll move you to a big girl seat (still rear-facing) sooner than we did Hadley.  Usually, as long as you can see me and we’re moving you’re ok, though.  You are so curious about the world around you that falling asleep outside of the house is getting harder for you (though thankfully a noisy restaurant can usually still do the trick), which ultimately makes getting out of the house at all harder for all of us!

Your big sister ADORES you and you are warming up to her, too.  If you are fussy, she’ll come running up to you with a paci saying “it’s otay bebe Harper! We’re right here! Don’t cry!” When you’re happy, Hadley will say “aww… bebe Harper sure is happy!”  Just this morning you were cooing on the playmat downstairs and when Hadley came down she said “Oh! Bebe Harper is telling us a story!!”  I know there will be lots of fighting in the future, but I pray that you two will be the best of friends through it all.  There really is no love like sisters!




You love: bathtime, eating, being awake when you should be asleep, hearing Twinkle, Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider, being worn in a carrier.  You are rolling both directions already – you started rolling front to back just over 3 months old and back to front just shy of 4 months old.  You aren’t doing either super consistently yet – as in, to get from one place to another – but you are definitely capable!

Your four month stats:

  • Height: 25.8 in – 94%
  • Weight: 16lbs 6oz – 88%
  • Head: 17 in – 98%
  • Diapers: Size 2 and 3 (just finishing up our last pack of size 2s and we’ll officially be in 3s)
  • Clothes: 6-9 months and even a few 12 month things

Your eyes are still a dark blue and your hair is growing ever so slowly, but is mostly still a little brownish blonde buzz cut. :) We love you so much sweet girl!  We thank God every day for entrusting your precious life to us!



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