Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dallas Zoo

In an effort to get another post up this month other than Harper’s monthly post, I’m going to share pictures from way back at the beginning of the summer when we went to the zoo! Hadley loved it, Harper did great after a diaper change that resulted in an outfit change and we all managed to make it home without melting. All in all, I’d call that a success!


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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Harper Six Month Pictures

Just a quick post to share Harper’s half birthday pictures! :) Sorry for 50 pictures of basically the same thing… she’s just so expressive, and I love capturing every little face she makes!


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Harper: SIX Months


A whole half of a year already.  WOW.  If it’s possible, time seems to be flying by even quicker than it did with your sister.  (As evidenced by the fact that this is up a week past your half birthday.)  Even though it seems like yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital, it also is hard to picture our family without you.  I can’t imagine our family in any other way! 


As usual, you are still not a great sleeper.  I think that’s probably putting it nicely.  You do, however, nap much better than your sister did at this age (which unfortunately makes it difficult to EVER get out of the house between your 3 naps and your sister’s nap schedule.)  Of course, now that I put that in writing I’m sure you will start boycotting naps in addition to your love of being awake in the middle of the night.  I should mention that the night you turned 6 months old, you did sleep for 12 hours (!!!) straight, but that is the first and only time that you’ve done that.  Your schedule is typically wake up around 7:30, nurse, play, nap around 9:30; wake up around 10:30, nurse, play (this is our one time of day to get out and run errands, so sometimes you nap in the car and other times you’re awake until you eat again around 1:30), nap or play til 2/2:30, sleep til 4:30, eat and then awake til bedtime around 7:15. 


You are still nursing 5-7 times a day and eating solids once in the evening.  So far you’ve had: oatmeal, avocado, sweet potato, peas, squash, banana, pear, plum, and carrots.  We are not doing all purees this time around, either and have been letting you try small, soft bites of regular food (technically this is called Baby Led Weaning, but I call it easier.) ;)  You make crazy faces every time you eat, but have yet to turn down anything! 

You are: Curious, wiggly, bouncy, beautiful and bright eyed; A yeller; a new (still wobbly) sitter.


You have: your daddy’s smile and your sister’s big bright eyes; the most kissable cheeks.


You love: Rolling, rolling, and more rolling; Laughing at your big sister; smiling at your daddy; sleeping on your tummy; being in the k’tan; playing in the jumperoo or the exersaucer


You do not like growing teeth or sleeping at night. ;)


Your six month stats:

  • Height: 27.3 in – 94%
  • Weight: 19lbs 4oz – 95%
  • Head: 17.5 in – 93%
  • Diapers: Size 3
  • Clothes: 9-12month and some 12-18 month (and a handful of 6 month onesies that still fit)

Your eyes are still a dark blue and your hair is growing ever so slowly, but is mostly still a little brownish blonde buzz cut. :) We love you so much sweet girl!  We thank God every day for entrusting your precious life to us!



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