Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our new home!

Today was such an exciting day! We just finished stuffing ourselves at Macaroni Grill in celebration of signing the contract on our first home! For those who don't know, we started looking around the 'burbs of Dallas a few months ago and quickly narrowed our search down to Rockwall, Plano, Murphy, and Sachse. After lots of prayer and late night conversations we landed on Murphy due to the price, location and amenities of the neighborhood/builder. Murphy is only about 5 sq. miles and is about 20 miles northeast of downtown Dallas (right next to Plano).

Here's a picture (sorry it's small and a little blurry) of the floor plan of the home we are building. The only differences from the below and what we are building are that - 1. our garage will be a side-swing garage 2. The options that are circled at the bottom (study/dining room, bay window, and covered back patio) will all be in our home as well and 3. our home will be flipped - so the garage will be on the left instead of the right, etc...

Last but not least - here are a few pictures we took today after signing our contract!

Here is the two of us standing on our lot!

And here's our lot - which has tons of sunflowers growing on it! :)

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think! We'll be scheduling our design appointments over the next couple of days to pick out all the details (brick/stone, flooring, granite, etc...) so keep checking for progress!
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katie said...

sister and brother,

I'm very dissapointed that I discovered the two of you bought a stinking house (lot, whatever)...THROUGH A BLOG.

We'll be talking later.

Kate said...

Congrats on the house! Building a house and picking out the design elements will be so much fun! I owe you an e-mail, hope you have a good week with the kiddos!! Miss you!

Darci said...

Have fun picking out what your home will look like. Such a fun time!

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