Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In lieu of making dinner

I've decided to do the first blog entry for the month of March. Sorry I've been slacking lately - I just haven't been motivated to keep up my promise to blog more. That said, this is an exciting month for us! We just got back from Houston last weekend where we ran, er, jogged , casually strolled through the ConocoPhillips 5k Fun Run with some friends on Saturday morning. My favorite part of the weekend, however, was finally getting to meet baby Kate! At the risk of being a weirdo who posts pictures of other people's children, here's a quick one few taken on Saturday night when we hung out with Josh and Becky before dinner. I just fell in love with Kate and am so sad that I'm not in the same city as them to spend more time with her!
I love how her chubby little cheek is squished against the floor here
She was not impressed by Matt's pinky finger

In addition to the fun kick-off of the month of March, we are also heading to Vegas on the 14th for a couple days, and top top it all off, are scheduled to close on our house on March 24th! I've never been to Vegas, and since graduating college have had a difficult time staying awake past 11pm, so we'll see how my body reacts to this city. That said, I'm really excited about seeing a new city, eating good food and having a good time! Feel free to post any suggestions you might have - we don't have the whole trip planned yet!

I'll leave you with some recent pictures of the house -- all of the big things are done now! They are just doing touch-ups on the paint, adding the final touches of trim work, etc... We can't wait!
master bath

Dining room
stain on the cedar posts and shutters - but not on the door yet
Okay, seeing as how Matt will be home soon, I guess I can't put off making dinner any longer. Maybe this gorgeous spring weather will put me in the mood to blog more!

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The Joiners said...

Ha ha it wasn't 4:40!! I commented on it at 6:40... guess the time stamp was off? But I realize that 6:40 is still pretty hardcore :)

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