Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hadley is 22 Months And Now it’s November?

I’m blaming the fact that another month has passed since I’ve blogged on the weather.  It simply doesn’t feel like it could be November outside as it’s been in the upper 80s! 

I thought I’d try something a little different for a quick Hadley update since she turned 22 months old yesterday.  I took some pictures of her in the greenbelt across the street the other day and this is literally the best picture of her out of over 50!  I put some of the basics of what she’s up to on the picture for a quick snapshot of this age!

IMG_6351 copy

She is doing really well at her Mother’s Day Out program.  She goes twice a week and although it runs from 9-2, I’ve actually started picking her up at noon right before they put them down for naps.  School days were becoming days that we both were dreading because she wasn’t getting enough of a nap at school and then it was a loooong time to go before bedtime.  She was only getting maybe an hour long nap at school and at this age, it’s just not enough sleep for her.  Picking her up at noon, coming home to play for a bit and then going down for nap is working MUCH better for us!  The first day I tried it, she napped for 3 hours!  Pretty sure that means she was needing some more sleep.   Other than picking her up before naptime, she has adjusted so well – walks right in with no tears and her teachers say that she is so sweet and compliant all day! Makes my momma-heart so happy!

She’s adjusted to our new house (I promise pictures will come soon!) pretty well, too.  At this point, I’m not sure she even has much of a memory of our old house!  We’ve met some neighbors and she waves (from afar) and yells hi to all the “friends” on the trail across the street.  {As long as they don’t come too close – then she runs and hides behind my legs.}

Overall, this is such a fun age as she communicates more and more with us and we get to know more of her personality!  We do spend some days in time out quite a bit, but even those days are going by too quickly! Hard to believe she will be two in just two months!

cue the tears…

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