Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Toddler Edition

Having two girls is dangerous on my wallet.  There are just so many endless options out there clothing-wise and it seems like I discover a new one that I like even more than the last each day.  As I’m unpacking Hadley’s old clothes for Harper I’m realizing that my taste has changed a lot in terms of how I like to dress them.  I thought I’d do a clothing round-up of some of my new favorite clothing addictions (and some tried & true ones, too). 

I’ll start with accessories.  We’re in the south, so obviously the girls have to have a bow on their heads!  My two favorite places to buy bows are:

The Hairbow Company – this is where Harper’s monthly onesies came from, as well as most of the bows that the girls wear.  Harper and Patty’s sweet girl Dahlia are their monthly onesie models!



Polkadot Posies

You can find good unique headbands on etsy, too!

My newest clothing addiction is Persnickety.  I’ll warn you now: it’s PRICEY.  Like more than I would spend on myself.  But, as seasons change you can catch a good sale, and I found some resale groups on facebook which make it a little more affordable.  They just released their first fall line for the year (which I will not be purchasing because their new stuff is out of my price range, but I’ll keep and eye out for it on sale or resale!) and it’s adorable!  I love that the designs can coordinate for both younger and older girls.  The first picture with the red bell pants is an outfit I’m drooling over.  I want it in every size for both of my girls!


I mean, really?  Cuteness overload.

Another favorite of mine is Kelly’s Kids.  They have the best quality basics that last through wash after wash.  They have a bunch of items that literally come out of the wash looking brand new – ZERO wash wear and no ironing!


I LOVE this little denim dress – you could wear it with ANYTHING!


Kelly’s Kids does monogramming on a lot of their outfits, but I also have a couple favorite shops for monogrammed and appliqued tops/outfits.  My friend Hether is the owner of Ditsy Daisy Boutique.  She’s in the process of setting up her website, but in the meantime you can find her on Facebook.   These are a couple outfits/tops I’ve gotten from her…





grandmas present


As far as every day play clothes go, pretty much everything else I buy comes from either Target, Old Navy, Children’s Place or H&M.  I also just discovered Naartjie and like their stuff for more unique, affordable basics!

Hope that helps answer any outstanding questions!  It surprises me how often I get emails asking where I get Hadley’s clothes because they’re usually just Old Navy or H&M!  I LOVE to discover new clothes for the girls (despite Matt’s pleading with me to stop), so please share some of your favorites if I didn’t mention them!

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Amy said...

love this post! and girl, i'm stressing over shopping for THREE girls! (okay, JEFFREY is stressing - ha!) i'm just excited!! :)
these are all some of my favorite brands/shops too!

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