Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It’s Been Awhile

Apparently I fell off the blogging bandwagon again so I’m going to attempt to get caught back up!  I know there’s a certain grandparent in Russia right now who would probably appreciate the photos and I know I will appreciate it when I’m trying to fill in baby books! 

I have yet to blog about Hadley’s big girl room, all my car seat research, Hadley’s birthday party and Harper’s birthday party… let alone Easter and everything in between so I’m going to let this post serve as a big picture catch-up and go from there! 

We went to a Superbowl party with friends. I watched zero football.  I did watch my kids. And eat some queso. :)


Hadley got some iPad time while Nana & Poppy were in town for Harper’s birthday.


Hadley and I had a fun time at her class Valentine’s party – also known as the only times she’s allowed to eat candy, cookies AND drink juice at the same time.  AKA: tummy ache and sugar crash 30 minutes later.


At 12.5 months old, Harper FINALLY popped two teeth! 


We’ve done a lot of swinging and playing outside enjoying some warmer weather finally!



We found out there’s going to be a little BOY in the family soon!  My sister & brother-in-law will be welcoming a sweet little mister come July! 


Hadley & her friend Russell from school were enjoying the photo booth set up at their school’s lemonade stand fundraiser.


We’ve had lots of fun play dates with friends!






We visited daddy at work and little miss made herself at home in the office!


I designed the invitations for my sister’s baby shower  and I really like how they turned out! She’s planning to do all different neutrals in the nursery – cream, white, grey – along with pops of orange, so I tried to design them with that in mind (and I had to throw in a little blue Winking smile)


Harper started walking at 13 months old and hasn’t slowed down since!  She pushes this little stroller around the house NON.STOP.



I celebrated my 31st birthday on April 2nd.  The girls and I went to lunch with a good friend and her daughter (who treated me to a starbucks g/c – hence the pic below) and then we got to spend the next couple days with my college roommate and her family!  I couldn’t have asked for more. :)


The girls and I have enjoyed plenty of chick-fil-a lunch dates – which is slightly more expensive these days given Harper’s appetite!



I’ve always rocked Harper to sleep, but lately she has been goofy and giggly at bedtime while we’re rocking and then asks to go into her crib.  While I’m a little sad that she rarely lets me rock her to sleep now, I am loving the sweet smiles and giggles!


I went back blonde! (Sorry for the lame selfie).


We enjoyed some family time with mimi & grandpa last weekend (April 12/13).  Lots of good food and playtime!


Hadley LOVES to bake with me, so we’ve spent lots of time in the kitchen baking sweet treats!


Oh yeah. And a tree fell on my car.  Well, fell may not be the right word.  More like a tree was hit by a car and knocked over on top of my car.  Kind of cancelled out the relaxing pedicure I was enjoying with a friend.


Of course we had to go have a margarita on the patio with friends to compensate for the tree incident. Winking smile


Whew. Ok – now to work on a few more updates to get us all caught up! 

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