Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pumpkins, Fair Rides and Elsa’s! Oh My!

October is always a busy month for us and this year was no different.  Here’s a quick photo recap of what we were up to in October…

My parents, Katie and Parker came up for a long weekend so we could go to the State Fair.  This was the first year for the girls to actually ride the rides and they (mainly Hadley) had a blast!


We had some friends over for trick-or-treating this year and the girls had a blast.  We weren’t sure what Harper would think but she jumped right in there with the big kids saying “tik-teeeeeeet!” and “hap weeeeen!” (trick or treat and happy halloween in case you don’t speak toddler.)  This first picture below cracks me up – Harper can spot an airplane in the sky before anyone!


Hadley is obsessed with lollipops this year – as evidenced by this first picture. Smile


Hard to believe October has come and gone! Bring on the holidays!!

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