Thursday, September 9, 2010

Speaking of wardrobe updates…

Hadley has had a few wardrobe updates as well that she wanted to share. 

The swimsuit was a Janie & Jack find for $5.99!  They only had it in 3-6 month size, but unless she’s super chunky, that will hopefully last us through July.  The other 3 pieces were also Janie & Jack and gifts from Matt’s parents.

100010518100011016 100011138 100010301

I have seen this onesie set a couple times and debated buying it, and this past weekend, when my mom and I were out shopping she picked up the same one and got it (and the outfits to follow) all for Hadley. 


Love the little ruffle bottoms! 121-333_Default

Aunt Katie gave us this last weekend too – thanks!  128-579_DefaultAnd what is probably my favorite outfit so far… (too bad it’s 12 mos. so I have to wait a whole year before putting her in it)!235-504_Default 236-102_Default

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Timmy said...

Just perusing your blog, but my lil sis has a blog where she sells baby stuff that she makes, not sure if it's your style, but some people really like it:

And tell Matt I'll be up there in November 8-9 for a conference. We'll have to get together

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