Monday, November 29, 2010

It Pays to be a Blogger!

I can’t believe November has basically come and gone since my last post!  November has been such a busy month for us – but we are looking forward to a slightly more relaxed December (assuming Hadley decides to stay put until her due date).  With December, comes Christmas preparations!  We already have our tree and lights up on the house (pictures to come…) thanks to my hard-working husband, and I started working on the mantle and other Christmas decorations around the house yesterday.  In addition to that, it’s time to order our Christmas cards!  Last year, I made our cards in photoshop and had them printed, but with all of the other baby stuff we have to prepare for, I don’t have time for that this year.  Lucky for me, Shutterfly is offering 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers!  Can you believe that??  They have some beautiful designs too – check them out here!  I have been playing around with some pictures we took after our baby shower the other weekend to find one that will work for our Christmas card – I love photo cards! 

These Christmas invitations are making me wish (almost) that we were hosting a Christmas party this year, too…




Once Hadley is here, I may use Shutterfly to make some photo gifts for family members too Smile  I really like their photo calendars!  If you’re a blogger – you can sign up here to take advantage of this great deal!  ENJOY!

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Colleen said...

Isn't this the best? I did it too and my cards are on the way. They have so many great cards this year too. Happy shopping!!!

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