Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Engaging Weekend!

Ha – such a clever title, right?  We just got back from Austin for a surprise visit to celebrate my sister’s engagement!  Her boyfriend (now fiancé) proposed to her on Saturday and then surprised her with a big family dinner and a celebration afterwards at my parent’s  house with both families. 

We are so excited to be welcoming Eric into the family, and are equally excited that Hadley will have an uncle soon!  Hadley wanted to join in on all the celebrating, so she decided to show us all that she can clap now!   The video below was taken on our way to my parent’s house after surprising Katie at dinner at Hula Hut. 

Hadley is so excited for her aunt Katie and soon-to-be-uncle Eric!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, and a 4 hour drive with an almost 8 month old is just never fun – no matter how you slice it – but we were so happy we could be there to celebrate with my sister and Eric. 

Hadley did everything in her power to keep the attention focused on her her best not to steal the show, and had a great time hanging out with family!


My parents bought her a little jumperoo to keep at their house for when we visit and she LOVED it!  This picture cracks me up.  Matt and I were joking that it looks like she has some serious road rage…


“Get outta my way!!!”

She really was having a great time – she was just cracking herself up bouncing and bouncing in there!

And a quick photo recap of the surprise dinner post-proposal. Smile 

Katie & Eric


The next day Katie and Eric came over to hang out with Hadley some more.  She wasn’t in a very good mood thanks to a very poor nap in the morning, but a quick glance and aunt Katie’s new bling had her calming down. ;)


Congratulations and best wishes to Katie and Eric! (I can never remember which one you’re supposed to say to the bride and which one you’re supposed to say to the groom – and the only reason I know it’s one or the other is thanks to Gilmore Girls. ha!)

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