Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finally Crawling

Well, this update is a little late, but as of January 18th, Hadley is officially a crawler.  Half the time, she keeps one foot down (see video) so she can better pull herself up once she arrives at her destination… cracks me up.

January 18th: Finally a crawler

Within 2 days, she started crawling, getting up from lying down (laying? lying?  I always mix those up) and also managed to make an escape from her crib.  Worst.mom.ever.  Her crib was in the middle setting since she couldn’t get herself up from lying down, and the same day she figured out how to do that, she figured out how to get OUT of her crib; by flipping herself out and landing on her back.  I heard her wake up on the monitor and usually give her a couple minutes to fully wake up (she has literally started crying before if I try to get her before she’s ready), but when I glanced at the monitor I realized she was sitting up!  In the amount of time it took for me to get from the living room to her room she had pulled to standing, tossed her bunny-lovey out of the crib and flipped herself over the edge.  I was just getting to her door when I heard the thud, followed by the wail.  Although she cried her eyes out for about 2 minutes, I think I probably cried more than she did.  My mom was here at that point and we had her laughing in minutes.  I couldn’t stop inspecting every inch of her body for bruises or bumps, but there was absolutely no sign of anything!  The two minutes of crying were the only sign she was hurt, and after that it was as if it had never happened.  I still watched her like a hawk the rest of the day, but she was absolutely fine – so thankful! 

Needless to say, her crib was lowered to the bottom immediately. :) 

So, with all the crawling, pulling up and cruising around she had been doing, I called our doctor to see if she still wanted us to meet with ECI.  She said “Nope! Sounds like she’s all caught up!”  Just like that?  Seems crazy to me that just a few weeks ago she was wanting us to see a specialist and then viola! we magically don’t have to?  Oh well, I’ll take it! 

So thankful today for a healthy, growing and learning, sweet, baby girl. 

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Amy said...

what awesome news!!! so happy to hear.
now the real fun begins. :)

and my momma always said, "dogs lay, people lie"
that's how you remember if it's laying or lying. :)

Carrie Z said...

Hooray! She is adorable. I can sympathize with you about feeling like the "worst.mom.ever", but I am sure you are far from it!

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