Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Work in Progress

If you've followed along for awhile, you might know that our master bedroom is one of the only rooms in our house that I just have not been able to get to a place that I’m happy with (d├ęcor-wise).  We have a great space in there, I love our furniture, and we have a beautiful bay window, but with a husband who actually has decorating opinions, trying to marry our “visions” has just not worked out so well. 
This is where Courtney comes in.  Courtney is a super talented interior decorator/blogger/mom extraordinaire and I have loved reading her blog over the past year or two.  She started a series on her blog called “Just Four Things” where she picks a reader’s space and transforms it by changing 4 elements of the room.  I submitted our master bedroom when she started the series, but honestly never thought I’d hear anything, let alone be selected.  So, imagine my surprise, when not only did she respond (literally within less than 24 hours) that she had already chosen another room but she’d keep me in mind for the future.  Again, I thought, “well, that was nice of her to respond!” but again, I figured I didn’t have a shot at being chosen.  (I’m sure you have no idea where this is going, yet, right??)  Well, I got an email a couple weeks ago from Courtney saying she wanted to work on our room!!  Y’all, I am seriously SO excited about this. 
So, head on over to A Thoughtful Place today to see the first “installment” where she introduces the room and leave a comment with your choice for the first “Which One Wednesday”!  I’d love to hear about it over here, too! 
Here’s the bland, boring lovely “before” picture…
IMG_2697 copy
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Kimberly said...

I voted! This is so fun! My husband and I are moving in to a new house, so I may have to submit a room myself. Good luck with yours!

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