Monday, June 4, 2012

Hadley :: 17 Months

Hadley-belle you are 17 months old!  And in the midst of fighting another round of strep – as evidenced by the fact that when I posted the previous post I was convinced it was the 3rd already.  It was, indeed, only the 2nd. 

Sick baby = momma can’t think straight. 

When you get strep, you show no other symptoms other than not allowing me to put you down to sleep.  Back in March, it was my only clue that something was off, and now here again, you were the same way.  We started your antibiotics today so hopefully tomorrow will be a new-you!

You are growing and changing so much every day that I wanted to write it all down so I don’t forget these days!

IMG_5692 - Copy

We’ll start with your stats:

  • Weight: 26lbs 12oz (86%) – I LOVE your baby rolls!
    • Not sure on your height or head circumference since we don’t have another official well-check until 18 months
  • Diapers: Still in size 5s, although I’m thinking I might try a 6 or some overnights for nighttime.
  • Shoes: Finally your little feet are growing!  You jumped up from wearing 2s to 4s in what seemed like overnight!  You can wear 4 1/2 now, and I’m ordering 5s for the fall!
  • Clothes: You are mainly wearing 2t now, although you can still wear a few 18-24 month outfits.  It all depends on the brand.


Lately, it seems like you learn a new word every day!  You still do the signs for: more, all done, milk and eat, and while we were in Hilton Head you started doing the signs for please and thank you!  You use those (especially please) ALL.THE.TIME.  At the store, you’ll see something you want (how are we there already?!) and start rubbing your belly over and over to say please.  It’s cute punkin, but it’s not gonna work every time. :) 


You can say the following words: momma, dada, nana, poppa (Poppy might have to change his name since that is what you call him now), Katie {Tay-tee}, E (for uncle Eric), cheese (and you always say it with a smile – you will point to my camera and grin while saying cheeeeeese!), hi, bye bye, nigh-nigh, love you {ruh –roo}, Hadley {yah-yee}, waffle {wah-wuh}, apple {bap-ple}, cup {bup}, bow, ball, up (just the “p” sound over and over – {puh-puh-puh-puh}), banana {non-non}, yeah (sometimes you’ll say the word and other times you click your tongue – NO clue where that came from!), bath, duck and dog.  I’m sure there are more that I’m forgetting – you will pretty much attempt to say any word we ask you to these days, but sometimes it just comes out as a random syllable. 

You can point to all of your body parts and can tell us what the following animals say: dog, duck, bird, cat, tiger/lion, bear, monkey, cow. 


It amazes me on a daily basis what you understand in conversation.  I can ask you to go get something and you will.  I can ask you where something is and you start looking around for it and will bring it to me if you find it.  It’s scary, but I know you understand far more than I give you credit for!


Your personality continues to come through, especially as we enter the “Terrible Twos".  You, sweet girl, are a perfectionist and you get SO frustrated when something doesn’t go the way you planned.  We’ve been trying to work on dealing with your frustration and teaching you that it’s okay, but you’re not one to really roll with the punches yet.  You need time to cool off, and will stomp (literally) around while giving me dirty looks over your shoulder when you get in trouble; yet you will go right back to doing the thing that got you in trouble in the first place!  You test your limits with me over and over, and know exactly what you’re doing when you break a rule.  You look up at me with a semi-innocent look/wide-eyes and a slight smirk when you are doing something you shouldn’t.  You occasionally even shake your head no when you do it!  Such a stinker! I know God has big plans for someone with such a strong personality, though, and I pray He will guide us and you through it all!


All of that big personality, and yet when you fall down or bump into something you’d think the sky was falling.  I think a big part of the wailing comes from your being a perfectionist and getting so mad at yourself for allowing something to hurt you.  Or being embarrassed that you fell.  Maybe I’m giving you too much credit and you’re just really sensitive to pain (it wouldn’t be that surprising given your parents), but it’s a guess.  Either way, I’ll take any chance I get to scoop you up and give you some sugar!


Hadley – your daddy and I love you more than you could ever imagine.  And your heavenly father loves you even more than WE can imagine!  How’s that for loved?! I hope you never forget it little one! 

love, Momma

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the blogivers said...

I have to laugh at the part about her doing something she isn't supposed to and shaking her head - Davis does the same thing! Stinkers!

Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

oh she is so adorable! Isn't it amazing how much they learn in such a short amount of time??

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