Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Hadleyisms

Hadley is at such a funny age right now.  I think God made 2 year olds extra hilarious so that you have some comic relief after they’re done throwing an epic tantrum because you handed them the orange crayon instead of the yellow. 

I’ve been writing down things Hadley says recently in my phone and wanted to get them on the blog for our memories… along with some pictures from our fun little photo shoot the other day where I asked her to show me happy, silly, surprised, sad, mad, etc… faces.

While my mom was here recently to help out with the girls, I was putting Hadley down for her nap and she told me “Oooh, in two days, I wake up af-fer nap and go down-tares to pay wit nana.”  Ok kiddo – I wish you would nap for two days!


While I was rocking Hadley before bed she suddenly sat up and patted her chest and said “hawrt.”  I repeated “heart?” to her and she said “yeah. hawrt. Boo-ti-ful hawrt.  Hah-yee co-man boo-ti-ful hawrt.” 

I’m guessing one of her teachers told her that?  Either way – it melted my heart!

An example of her boo-ti-ful hawrt…. When getting her up from her nap the other day she said “No momma; momma get in bib wit hah-yee.”  So, I climbed in her crib and laid down next to her.  She turned toward me, patted me on the shoulder and touched her forehead to mine and said “I wurve you mommy.”  Such a sweetheart! She’s been saying “wuv you” back to us when we say it first for a long time now, but this was one of the first times she’d done it completely unprompted!"


Hadley has started to tell me when she thinks I have a good idea (I guess I tell her that a lot).  I hear it most often when I suggest we go play in the playroom.  “Ooooh yah!!  Go up-tares an have tea paw-ty!! Dats good idea mommy!!”


This one is not quite so sweet… Hadley heard my stomach growl the other day and said “oooh!! Momma’s tummy is poopin!”  We can thank her daddy for her awareness of those sounds ;)

We were playing with Hadley’s ocean puzzle the other day and I asked her what a certain piece (the jellyfish) was.  She replied with “oh! Dats da pea-butter fish!”  Guess we eat a few too many peanut butter & jelly sandwiches when we start confusing jelly with peanut butter.


Overheard on the monitor from her crib… “nooooo…. I’m not mad!  Nope.  I happy!!”  If only she would always wake up like that!


When Hadley throws a tantrum lately, it’s always accompanied by “I be mad” or “I be sad” and sometimes, to get some extra sympathy, she throws in “I need a hug” in the most pitiful voice ever.  Most of the time I’m obliging to the hug part, although she is a smart little cookie and I know she likes to use it particularly when she doesn’t feel like waiting for me to finish whatever I’m doing to get attention.  It’s tough to go from being the only child to having to share the spotlight!

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mom e said...

Adorable! I just want to hug her and kiss those chubby little cheeks!

Sally said...

I wish I could wake up with that attitude....not mad, happy!! Love those leggings!!

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