Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Harper’s First Playdate

I’ve been working on Harper’s one month (what?!) post, but wanted to post about her first play date first.  Yesterday, we had our sweet friends Morgan, Brynn and their newest addition, Elliott over to play and have lunch.  I feel so so blessed to have a friend in the exact same stage of life as us right now.  Her oldest, Brynn, is 5 months older than Hadley, and her youngest is just 6 days younger that Harper.  Hadley and Brynn are such sweet friends, so Ellie and Harper have no choice but to be bffs, too. ;)

Here’s a picture from one of Hadley and Brynn’s first “playdates”…


And here they were yesterday!



While our sweet big girls decorated Easter cookies (and ate tons of sprinkles and frosting), the little girls “napped” in Harper’s room.


Our poor husbands… I think they’re definitely feeling outnumbered these days!

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Sally said...

Love little girls that grow up besties!! I so wish I could have had this growing up! They are all too cute!

Sarah said...

How fun to have a friend with kids the same age!!

Kara said...

Her bedding is adorable!

mom e said...

So cute!! I can just hear Hadley saying "Mmmmmm...deewishus" :) I can't believe how big Harper has gotten!! I had to really look to be sure that was her!

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