Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hadley at 28 Months

I have been meaning to get this posted for awhile now (obviously, since Hadley is almost 29 months old), but I did a little summary of Hadley at this age along with some fun pictures in the backyard. She wouldn’t look at me no matter what I offered to bribe her with.  She must have gotten that stubborn streak from her daddy. ;)

IMG_7557Loves: Elmo, reading books, routine,
going to the playground, bubbles,
puppies, & tea partiesIMG_7576IMG_7577Eats: LOTS of fruit; rice; tortillas; grilled
cheese; quesadillas; baby carrots; chicken 
strips; PB&J; fruit&veggie packets; waffles

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Kara said...

Love the picture with the stats! Good idea!

mom e said...

Wow those pictures are wonderful! Good job! It helps when you have an adorable subject :)

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