Thursday, May 9, 2013

Harper: 3 Months

Sweet Harper, you are THREE months (and 3 days) old! And what a sweet sweet 3 month old you are.  I can remember hearing people say “don’t you just love the smiles and coos, especially when you’re nursing?” when your older sister was this age and I would think “Umm… what smiles and coos? Hadley just eats and eats and grunts a lot.”  You, on the other hand, are such a little sweetheart and smile and coo all day long!  I’m sure some of it is personality differences, but a lot of it probably has to do with the fact that your parents are a little more laid back this time around. ;)


As I write this, you are napping peacefully in your swing.  Probably a bad habit, but it’s working for us, so until you outgrow the weight limit on that thing (or stop napping so peacefully in there), I have no plans to change it!  You are falling into a bit more of a schedule now.  Still nursing every 3 hours during the day, and up once during the night, so you eat 6-7x a day.  {Your growth spurts tend to last about a week, though, so when we hit one of those, it definitely throws our schedule off.}  I usually give you a bath (and your medicine – you’re still taking Zantac twice a day) around 8pm, then nurse and hold you until you fall asleep (usually by 8:30 or 9p) and lately you’ve been sleeping until about 4 or 5a, waking up to nurse and then about half the time you want to start you day and will lie there cooing while I try to go back to sleep. 


You are still not a big fan of the car.  Some days, it’s hard to decide if it’s even worth it for us to get out of the house, because it usually means we’ll have a screaming baby at some point.  You can throw a fit with the best of ‘em sister.  While you may be happier overall than your sister was at this age, I’m pretty sure your screaming fits rival that of a banshee.  There’s usually a reason for them, though – typically it’s food related; occasionally if you’re overtired.


You love: the swing, bathtime (minus the getting out part), and talking to people.  You tolerate tummy time, but would much prefer to practice sitting up.  You are the squirmiest little baby I’ve ever held.  Constantly trying to sit up, kick, swat, and roll.  Yesterday, you actually rolled from your tummy to your side during tummy time!


You can grab the rings on your playmat already – although it’s hit or miss – but you don’t mind hanging out on there while momma’s tending to big sister. 


No doctor’s appointment this month, so we don’t have your height/weight, but I think it’s safe to say you are growing just fine little chunker. ;)

  • Diapers: size 2
  • Clothes: 3-6 month/6-9 month depending on the brand

Your eyes are still blue/gray and your hair is dark blonde/light brown and just looks like a buzz cut still. :)  And we love everything about you sweetie pie!


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Traci said...

So cute!!!

Jessica Whitman-Horton said...

She is SO precious!!! How is she already 3 months old?!?

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