Friday, September 6, 2013

Harper: 7 Months


Oh sweet Harper.  Seven months officially means you are closer to a year old than a newborn.  What a bittersweet thought.  I absolutely adore watching you grow and discover the world around you, but with that comes the knowledge that this sweet innocent phase is all too fleeting.  Please don’t grow up too quickly, okay?  But feel free to start sleeping like a big girl aaaaany day now. ;)


Schedule-wise… whew. This month has been a mess.  You were starting to settle in a bit with just one wake up at night and 3 naps/day until your sweet, too-good-at-sharing, big sister brought a cold home.  Let’s just say that we will never have to wonder if you are feeling okay.  You have NO trouble letting us know.  Poor thing, I know it’s no fun being sick, but if you could just realize how much sleep will help you feel better we’d all be a little happier!  You are still a pretty good napper, most days taking 3 naps, occasionally having a 2 nap day where both naps are 2+ hours.  You nurse 5-7x a day and eat solids twice a day usually.  Thankfully, you still don’t have a problem with bottles like your sister did, and let nana put you down with no problems so mommy and daddy could have a date night this month. 



You got to join in on the fun at a play date this month with our friend Avery (who will forever be ‘baby Avery’ according to Hadley).  You also discovered you’re not a huge fan of dogs, unlike your sister. 


You are loving the swing on the back patio.  Can’t wait for it to get cooler outside so we can enjoy it for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time!


This month you had lots of fun family time.  You got to tour the model home with your aunt Kelly near where Mimi and Grandpa are planning to retire.  You got to help cheer the Red Raiders to their first victory of the season and laughed as your sister yelled “Wreck’EmHook’Em” over and over as if they meant the same thing. ;) (So long as there’s not a Gig ‘Em in there, we’re good) ;) And got to check out all the “a’mals” at Cabela’s when Nana, Aunt Katie and Uncle Eric came in town.

with Kelly


You are a yeller.  You can cry with the best of ‘em, too, but it’s much more common to find you yelling.  And let me just say – I think I prefer crying!  You can hit a pitch that makes my ears ring!  Maybe you’ll be a cheerleader someday?


No doctor’s appointment this month, so I don’t have official stats.  Just guessing :)

  • Height: 27.5 in
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Diapers: Size 4
  • Clothes: 9-12month and 12-18 month (and a handful of 6 month onesies that still fit)

Still no teeth for you, despite lots of teething symptoms.  Your eyes are still a dark blue and your hair is growing ever so slowly, but is mostly still a little brownish blonde buzz cut and we are absolutely crazy about you! 



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mom e said...

Love love love you sweet little Harper Kate <3

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