Friday, June 20, 2014

Photo Catch Up

I know all I post these days are random photo catch ups, but it’s such a great place to keep a backup of photos and share with family far away at the same time! So here we go!

Mother’s Day weekend with my girls…


Mimi and grandpa were here then, too – grandpa had to get in on the photo-op!  Harper is doing her trademark “I hate pictures” pose.


Mall playdate with friends… this is literally the best picture I got of all 4 girls. 


Harper couldn’t hang for shopping after all that playing… love those long lashes of hers!!


After-nap walks with the wagon are our favorite :)


Matt has been taking Hadley to Home Depot on the first Saturday of the month – they have a kids workshop, a bounce house, sno-cones, etc and this was Hadley’s first completed project.  She hammered the nails in, painted and glued it all together!  (ignore the mess around her, and the fact that daddy let her choose what she wore which meant leggings, pj top and patent leather ballet flats)


My littlest blue-eyed-beauty doing some coloring with friends on our favorite texmex patio Smile


Matt and our friend Corbett decided to do a daddy-daughter double date and took the big girls to a Frisco Roughriders (minor league) game.  Hadley was so excited!



While Hadley and daddy were at the baseball game, Harper and I took a nice long walk on the trail by our house to look for bunnies.


This picture of Harper cracks me up… everytime we put a hooded towel on her she tried to look at it like this. ;)


We love when aunt Courtney comes over to play.  We took a trip to the mall and Hadley convinced her to ride the escalator up and down a few times for fun. ;)


Hadley and I took a road trip down to Austin just the two of us to throw aunt Katie a baby shower!  I’ll post the shower pictures in a separate post, but here are a couple of Hadley exploring (in her pjs, boots and princess backpack) nana & poppie’s backyard…




More pictures to come! 

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