Sunday, November 30, 2008


I finally have solid proof that someone reads my blog! (well, other than my parents). My friend Allison has given me a "fabulous blog" award and seeing as how I'll most likely never get a blog award again, I can't let my loyal fan(s) down!

For this award, I must list 5 things that I find "fabulously addictive" - and I'm going to steel Allison's idea of posting a picture with each :)

In no particular order...

1. Our new house - I guess the "addictive" part of this would be constantly checking the progress! I'll use this spot to update you on the house progress - here's a quick picture or two of the slab (once I can get out during the daytime I'll post some more pictures of the framing that they've done!)
2. Hula Hut chips & queso - I couldn't find a picture of just chips and queso, so the chips and salsa pic below will have to do.
3. Photography: I'm not great at it myself, but I love that you can see someone else's point of view with just a simple photo, not to mention the memories that you can capture!

*photo taken by Lauren Clark - one of my fav photographers from Lubbock*

4. Diet Dr. Pepper - although I've been sick for the past month and really haven't indulged in this addiction, I don't think I could ever kiss this goodbye for good!
5. Target - it's hard for me to go more than a week without checking out each and every section in Target - I've started grocery shopping at the Super Target near our house, which gives me a great excuse to check out everything else they have!
Now I'm supposed to tag 5 more people with Fabulous blogs, but I really don't know 5 people with blogs that haven't already been tagged, so I'll settle for...
Katie because she's my sister so she must be fabulous
Jill because she just found out they're having a boy!
and Davi because she just had a baby boy!

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Kate said...

Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving in Austin and you're feeling better! P.S. I LOVE Lauren Clark, she's an AMAZING photographer

Maggy and Rick said...

What happened to diet coke?
And WE love your blog, too!
Can't wait to see the house when we come up to Dallas!

Davi said...

Holllahhhh- I'm so honored! :) And I love Dr. Diet Pepper too!!

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