Saturday, December 6, 2008

A big update!

Finally I have some good pictures of the framing that's up for our house! They started on the framing before Thanksgiving, but we haven't had time to get out there when it's still light out until this weekend. Enjoy!

Taken from the top of our street - we're the little house on the right at the end. There's only 3 houses on our street so far.

Finally we have a roof!

Taken from the hallway looking back towards the front door.

This is where the kitchen will be! - I love the round end to our breakfast bar.

Matt standing in our family room (texting his dad) =)

Our bathtub in the middle of the master bedroom.

At this point I think things "stall" for awhile because the gas, AC and plumbing all has to be finished and inspected, and then we have a pre-sheetrock meeting with the builder that won't happen until after the 1st of the year before we will actually get walls. In case you want to start putting these pictures in order of the layout of the house - here's a link again (you might have to click on the "show floorplan" button) to the floorplan (just remember that our house is flipped from what is shown online).

On another note - only 2 more weeks until Christmas break for me! The kids get more and more hyper every day - so by the time our Christmas party rolls around, I will be so ready for a vacation! We are headed to London this year for Christmas with Matt's parents on the 20th for a little over a week, so I'm really excited about that! Then we'll head down to Austin on New Year's Eve to have Christmas with my family :) I love this time of year!
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mom e said...

Yea! Finally some walls! Can't wait to see the next pics.

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