Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Overheard in my classroom...

"But Mrs. Coleman... I jus' did not get enough sweep wast night!" - One of my 4 year olds explaining why she was taking so long to finish her project

"Ok - who knows why we are bringing in canned food?"
"For people who don't have money!!"
"Yeah like my mom- she always tells me she doesn't have any money."

"Oh my goodness - what am I doing?!" - Another one of my 4 year olds who decided what he was coloring was not what he meant to color

"Mrs. Coleman! I I I - I decided I am going to change my name..."
"Really? To what?"
"Umm... probably Picachu I think"
"Oh ok - should I call you Picachu then?"
"Nah... just call me Neal"

"What would you give Jesus for His birthday?"
  • A skateboard
  • Seashells!
  • A race car
  • Socks
  • Love
"Colin - there's enough of those for you both to help!"
"Well THAT'S convenient isn't it?"

"Who knows what a pilgrim is?"
"OOOH! I know! Ummmmm...... an elephant?"

After practicing our sign language to the song Silent Night for our Christmas "show" -
Rhett: "Cooper - I am SOOO sick of this song, aren't you??"
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Davi said...

kids are hysterical - i just love hearing the crazy things they say!

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