Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trip Recap

A quick (read: very thorough) photo recap of our trip to Maryland/DC!

Just after we flew through the storm on our way to Baltimore
The bridesmaid's luncheon that my Mother-in-law hosted for Matt's cousin Laura
Matt and I at the open-house BBQ that the groom's mom hosted
And our whirlwind trip to DC (we were on a mission to see how many monuments we could see in just a couple of hours). We managed to see the Treasury, Capitol building, White House, Washington Monument, World War II memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and the Pentagon (by car).

Albert Einstein statue
Department of Treasury

My father-in-law and I holding up the Washington Monument

Matt and his dad standing by their states at the WWII memorial
More WWII memorial... (It was H-O-T, hence the rolled up jeans)
Each star represents 100 soldiers who gave their lives for our country

Standing on the steps of the Lincoln memorial
I didn't get a good picture of the Vietnam memorial, but this is the flag right outside of it...
And last but not least... the happy couple!
And the other happy couple :)

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