Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Goodbye First-Tri!

Even though I went through most of the past 13 weeks without anyone knowing I was pregnant, it’s still hard to believe that I’m already in the second trimester! 

I can’t say that I’m sad to be moving onto this next stage, but there are some things that I want to kiss goodbye remember about the first trimester:

* Food cravings: FRUIT, fruit & more fruit; spaghettios; lemonade; mac-n-cheese; grilled cheese; cheese & crackers; pizza; chicken nuggets (until one day I ate like 30 of them and haven’t been able to look at them since without throwing up)  **as you can see I’ve been eating really healthy lately**

:: Initially I was eating yogurt with granola and saltines EVERY day.  Then morning sickness kicked in and I couldn’t stand those any longer

* Food aversions: VEGETABLES – cooked, raw, steamed, whatever… they all made me gag; meat; whole grain bread – especially the crust (apparently baby doesn’t like the healthy stuff)

*I was feeling ok (just tired) until about 6 1/2 weeks or so, then the morning sickness really kicked in.  I was sick from 6 1/2 weeks until just into the 13th week (my doctor prescribed Zofran for my nausea just so I could make it through our trip to Spain).  Add that to the fact that I have been SO incredibly tired – some days I could barely make it out of bed.  I am so thankful that I was out of school for the summer… there is NO way I could have been on my feet teaching all day feeling this way.

*My skin has completely broken out – I can’t do anything to control it right now (one of the wive’s tales I’ve read says that if your skin gets worse, it means you’re having a girl, as they ‘steal their mother’s beauty’ – haha!  we’ll see…)

*I am taking flintstones vitamins with separate supplements because my prenatals make me sick.  So every night I take 3 separate pills – one of which is chewable (helps tremendously with the gag reflex!)

*Although I am a bit emotional to begin with, pregnancy has definitely kicked the hormones into high gear.  Biggest mistake so far – watching Dear John with my sister-in-law.  I was practically gasping for air I was sobbing so hard while she didn’t even shed a tear

::I told my Doc about this and she laughed and said she is forbidding any Nicholas Sparks for the rest of my pregnancy

*Since my morning sickness (AKA: all day sickness) has kept me from leaving the house much, Matt and I created a new way to “go to church” for the time being.  We have been downloading pod-casts from 2 of our favorite pastors (Matt Chandler and Matt Carter) and loading them on our iPods while we go for a walk – that way we can do it at any time that I happen to be feeling okay

*Last but not least – Matt’s favorite memory from first-tri was waking up in the middle of the night to hear me crunching on whatever type of cracker happened to be on the nightstand.  Hey – it was either that or throw up in bed – so he preferred the late night munching.

Ok, I’ve been wordy enough, without further adieu… the first belly picture:


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katie said...

Look at you with your cute baby bump!! You are going to be such an amazing Mom and you and Matt are going to be awesome parents. So blessed to know you two and to be able to read about your journey from afar.

mom e said...

So glad your blogging again! i love the idea of the tummy pics. And by the way I really like the new blog colors. Hmmm....might look good in my bedroom.... :)

Davi said...

oh the memories from pregnancy! this is taking me down memory lane although it sounds like your morning sickness was pretty intense. Bring on the fruit- and by the way Caden LOVES fruit so I think Baby C will too! Love the pic!

Katie said...

eeeek first baby bump pic! LOoooooveeeeee! Can I come take some?!?! how about when I get back from the Domin?

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