Saturday, September 3, 2011

8 Month Photo Shoot

Sorry… there’s a lot this month.  She finally has a tooth to show off, but I think its partner in crime is trying to break free, too, so she doesn’t have a lot of smiles for us these days. 

IMG_3054No mom, I do NOT want that dog in the picture with me…IMG_3066IMG_3075IMG_3077

YAY for clapping!! So fun! :)IMG_3078IMG_3082

Hmm, I’ll take this spatula, please… thank you!



There’s that tooth! IMG_3112

Umm… excuse me… did I tell you that you could take my picture??IMG_3136IMG_3144

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MV said...

She's gorgeous! Happy 8 months. I love that onesie - it's like a ballerina neck.

Katy said...

Oh my, beautiful! Love those big eyes!

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