Monday, September 26, 2011

Day at the Arboretum

This is over a week old, but I just haven’t been making time to blog lately, so I’m just now getting around to posting these pictures. 

One of the great things about the class I signed Hadley up for at The Little Gym has been meeting and playing with other babies her age (and their mommas).  Two of the moms of girls from her class and I decided to take the girls to the Dallas Arboretum last Monday for lunch and pictures with the pumpkins.  The Arboretum does an amazing fall display, and although we didn’t get as many pictures of the pumpkins as I wanted because Hadley wasn’t having it, I’d still say it was a successful day. 

Playing with the girls after having their picnic lunch.


Not so sure about these big orange things momma made her sit on!


And the last two are from my iPhone.  The first one we took while the mommas were eating lunch.  It was a miracle – all three of us were able to eat our entire lunches while all 3 of the girls sat peacefully in their strollers!  No tantrums, no whining – seriously… a miracle! 


And the end result of our day at the Arboretum…


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