Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Girl and her Swing

Last weekend Matt was in Tucson for a guy’s weekend visiting a friend.  Since he was gone, I asked my parents to come up to give me a hand with Hadley for a couple days (and what grandparent could turn down time with this sweet face…?


We had such a productive weekend (although Hadley has once again proven herself to be the most stubborn child on the planet – I swear the girl decides not to nap just to spite me!).  My parents fixed a part of our fence that a storm had started to blow over, helped me pull all the weeds/grass in our back garden beds, which had been seriously neglected with the crazy summer heat we’ve had, put down some fresh mulch and a few new plants, and to top it off, got Hadley a swing for the back porch! 

Typically, Hadley cries or whines at anything new.  It just takes her awhile to adjust, so I assumed a swing would be the same way.  Not so.  Although she doesn’t have the longest attention span for swinging, she has been so content when I stick her in there.  Not to mention, the girl LOVES swinging high… it’s a good thing the swing we got has a strap to keep her in there! 


Hadley is telling me all about how much she likes her swing.

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The Blogivers said...

Haha I just tried to watch the video but the dog barking in the distance got Rocky all worked up and he started barking at it! Also, that's great that you have parents who are so helpful!

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