Thursday, October 13, 2011

My New Hobby

I recently purchased this guy (using some credit card rewards points).


I seriously cannot even sew a basic button on by hand (I can never remember how to tie that knot that keeps everything from unraveling!), but I decided I wanted to try to teach myself. 

Thanks to Pinterest and good ol’ Google, I found a couple tutorials and just started playing around.  I cut up some old t-shirts first, so as not to waste fabric, and then headed to Hobby Lobby for supplies.  I first made some “baby-legs” for Hadley out of a pair of knee-high socks. 


Easy-peasy, so I decided to try something a little harder.  I went with a skirt first, as it looked pretty simple.  Much to my surprise, it was! 

IMG_3441 copy


After two successes, I got a little over-confident and tried to make some ruffle pants… like these (from Little Lizard King)…


… let’s just say I’m not quite there yet.  Good thing the fabric was on sale.  I’m determined, though – just need to find a good tutorial/pattern! 

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Kimberly said...

I need to try my hand at sewing again. I got a sewing machine for Christmas one year and tried making a said it was an easy pattern...but no. I got discouraged and gave up. Maybe I should try again.

Ashley said...

Your skirt is ADORABLE!!!

MV said...

I've made a few of those DIY babylegs too. You did a great job on that skirt - so cute!

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