Monday, October 31, 2011

Hadley’s First Halloween

We started celebrating Halloween a little early this year.  On Friday, the 28th, we had plans to go up to Matt’s work for breakfast and “trick or treating” at the office, but Hadley had a rough night so we let her sleep in to get some rest.  (Sidenote: just so you don’t think we’re super lazy, “sleeping in” these days means sleeping until about 7:45.) 

The Little Gym that we go to was having a Halloween party for all of the kiddos that same night, and Hadley had been acting fine most of the day, so we decided to go.  She only lasted about 30 minutes at the party, and we couldn’t really get a smile out of her (see evidence below) but we still had fun!  We didn’t let her try any candy, but she did try a nilla wafer for the first time!  I’m guessing she loved it by the fact that she tried to shove the whole thing in her mouth after taking one bite!  We got a couple cute pictures out of the party, too. 


Don’t judge the lack of makeup below… most days I’m just glad to have clean hair and clothing!


These next two pictures crack me up.  I’m not sure if this is teething related or just a personality thing, but Hadley makes the funniest face if you make her “smile” when she doesn’t want to smile.  She was getting cranky at the party, so Matt decided to toss her up – which always gets a smile and/or laugh.  You could tell she wanted to stay cranky, but was having too much fun not to sort-of-smile.   Stubborn little girl – was doing everything in her power not to open that mouth.


She was still munching on the nilla wafer when her teacher, Ms. Christy, came over to say hi.  She wouldn’t put it down, and decided to just hold it in her mouth for a picture. :)  Silly girl!


Since tonight is actually Halloween, we’ll put her in her costume and probably just sit on our front porch to pass out candy until it’s bedtime.  I figured since she won’t actually be eating the candy, it might look a little weird if we took her trick-or-treating this year.   Next year, however…. bring on the candy!!

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mom e said...

hahaha!! I love that little girl!

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