Monday, October 3, 2011

Hadley is 9 Months!

Dear Hadley,

You are nine whole months old!  Two hundred and seventy three days.  In a mere 3 months we will have a one year old on our hands!  I just can’t believe how quickly this time has gone.  Your daddy and I have cherished every second. 

This month your personality has really started shining through.  You are sweet and loving (when you want to be), funny – with a slapstick sense of humor, outgoing – ALWAYS wanting everyone everywhere to pay attention to you, and STUUUUB.BORN (I have no idea where you get that from… must be your daddy).  ;) 

Our doctor’s appointment this month isn’t for another couple days, so I’ll have to come back and update with your stats.  Here are our guesses:

  • Height: 29 inches
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Diapers: We have half a pack of size 4 left and are using size 5 the rest of the time.
  • Clothes: 12-18 months mostly (there are a few 6-12 month things that fit, and one outfit that you’re wearing now is 24 months(!))

Your sleeping and eating habits are mostly the same this month.  Although, as far as sleep goes, you were all over the place most of the month.  I was about to go crazy with the lack of sleep we were both getting, but you seem to have gotten yourself back on track for the most part.  Our routine is still the same: Bedtime anywhere from 7-8p, up around 7-8a (I’d say about 50% of the time you wake up once to nurse sometime in the middle of the night.  It’s not at the same time every night, so I really do think it’s out of hunger – that or teething pain – rather than just habit).  You take 2 naps a day usually around 10a and 2p.  They average a little over an hour, but can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 2 1/2 hours.  You’ve also started sleeping on your belly a lot more this month.  I have tried and tried to roll you over and you just flip yourself right back to your belly so I’ve learned to just let you sleep.  Your favorite sleeping position is still on your side.


You nurse 4-5 times a day – around 8a, 12, 3 or 4ish, and 7 – and then sometimes in the middle of the night, and eat solids 3 times a day, sometimes with a snack of cheerios or puffs in the late afternoon. 


Speaking of eating – you L-O-V-E cheerios and puffs.  I seriously think I could dump an entire container of puffs in front of you and you would just keep eating and eating.  I can’t blame you… the sweet potato flavor is really good!  Some other favorite foods of yours right now are: sweet potatoes, chicken, carrots, peaches, bananas (basically if it’s yellow or orange – you will eat it).

We started this month out in Houston for Labor Day weekend at Nana and Grandpa C’s house.  You went to your first Astros game while we were there and did lots of eating and hanging out!

8 Months

You also were having such a good time playing there, that you just about lost it giggling when I sneezed at one point! 

Hadley giggling uncontrollably while I pretend to sneeze.


You now have three teeth!  Your second bottom tooth popped through exactly one month from the first day we felt your first tooth (9/15) and just two days ago we felt your first top tooth!  For some reason, it feels like it’s the top right corner tooth (your left), but you won’t let me get a good look at it, so I’m not sure exactly which one is coming through. 

You are really catching on to a lot of things these days.  One of my favorite things (that you’ve been doing for almost a month now) is giving kisses!  You first gave me a kiss on September 6th – just a few days after you turned 8 months old – but I wasn’t sure if it was teething related.  We were sitting in your chair talking and playing and I said to you “give momma kisses!” and you turned to look at me, then leaned in with your mouth wiiiiide open!  You were kind of stingy at first, but now you’ll give kisses just about anytime we ask for them!  I LOVE it! 

One of the first times Hadley gave daddy kisses

In addition to giving kisses, you’ve started really mimicking me when I talk to you in baby-talk.  You can be sitting there totally quiet while I’m reading you a story or something, but if I start babbling to you the way you babble, you look up and babble right back.  I guess you just need me to speak your language!  You get a kick out of it when people around you are laughing and almost always try to join in.  It takes you a minute to get it, but if we’re really laughing at something, you join in with this little chuckle/giggle.  It’s so adorable!  Also, when I get you up from bed you usually still have a paci in your mouth or hand.  I hold you there looking over your crib and tell you to “put your paci away” or ask you “where does your paci go?” and you toss it right back in!  Such a smarty! ;)

You’ve started “playing games” a lot this month, too.  One that momma is not much of a fan of is your “trust fall” game.  You will randomly decide to just throw yourself backwards from a sitting position.  Usually I’m there to catch you and you just squeal and giggle at the rush of falling, but you’ve done it once or twice on your changing pad when I’m trying to put a shirt on you and you are not so thrilled when you fall onto the changing pad instead of my arms! 


Hadley, even on the hard days (and sleep deprivation can definitely bring some hard days), you bring so much joy to our lives.  We are having so much fun getting to know the sweet little personality that God gave you – what a blessing to be entrusted with your life!  We love you little one! 

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