Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Bump-date (of sorts)

I won’t even pretend to make excuses for how poorly I’ve been keeping up with the blog lately.  But seeing as how I’m due in 2 weeks with little sister Harper, I figured I should post some type of pregnancy update along with a bump picture or two to document this pregnancy!

When I was pregnant with Hadley, I posted this survey every time I did an update, so I figured I’d use the same one, and try to include a little summary in each section from the majority of the pregnancy!

How Far Along: one day shy of 38 weeks

Total Weight Gain: Oh gosh, this one is bad.  I think I’m close to 40lbs now?  Crazy to think that at the beginning of this pregnancy I lost weight and didn’t even start gaining some back until around 13 weeks.  Also – I can’t believe I’m posting that for all the world to see – but I do want to be able to look back on this and remember where I was at each point in the pregnancy…

Maternity Clothes: I think I started wearing maternity clothes around 20 weeks this pregnancy.  Because I lost weight in the beginning, a lot of my maternity clothes from last time didn’t fit until then.

Best Moment this week: Spending 2 hours with a girlfriend getting our nails/toes done, sitting in a massage chair and chatting about our little girls! (she has one 5 months older than Hadley and is due 3 days after me.)

Gender: Still a girl for all we know!  - Harper Kate:)

Movement:  If Harper’s movement on the inside is any indication of what type of baby she’s going to be on the outside, we are in for it!  She is CONSTANTLY moving.  Those kick-count things the doctor tells you to do – takes me about 5 seconds to reach the movement count they want you to feel in an HOUR.

Food Craving: After being sick until about 20 weeks this pregnancy, I really didn’t have any true “cravings.”  I cut caffeine out of my diet cold turkey for the first half of the pregnancy, but since then I’ve been allowing myself a chai tea, sweet tea or diet dr pepper when I want one!

Sleep: I had some insomnia in the beginning of this pregnancy, but chasing a toddler around while pregnant definitely helps with that.  The biggest issue I have now is that Harper is so low that I think she’s just camped out on my bladder.  I was up 5 times the other night to go to the bathroom. 

What I am looking forward to: Actually holding our sweet girl in my arms and seeing Hadley meet her baby sister

Belly Button: Has basically been non-existent since about 30 weeks. 

Symptoms: Aches, pains and more aches and pains!  I think I’m carrying Harper a lot lower than I carried Hadley, and because of that, my hips are constantly hurting.  Walking around the grocery store is quite a feat these days! 

The last (and only) bump picture I posted was from 16 weeks(!) here - 

Here are the others I’ve taken since then!




That last picture is only 2 days off from the one before, but I was wearing the same outfit as one I wore in my pregnancy with Hadley so I thought it would be fun to compare.  I think it’s pretty obvious how much lower I’m carrying Harper, yes?!  Yikes!

Alright, now to continue checking things off my to-do list before little sister arrives!  I have just a couple more final touches on her nursery and then I promise to share pictures! 

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Chandra Chinnis said...

If you have gained 40 pounds then where did it all go. You look good and look all baby. Congrats on the impending arrival.

CarrieZ said...

I agree! You look great. Hope the rest of the pregnancy is short and easy!

melanie @nowaqueen said...

you look fabulous! you are almost there!!

Kara5109 said...

You look great! And I think I have told you before, but I'm so jealous you're getting a Hadley and Harper. I want another little girl so I can have a Hadley and Harper.

Sally said...

You look so great!! Love it that you will have these two little sisters. So sweet. And love their names :))

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