Thursday, January 31, 2013


With Harper almost here, I know I won’t have time to write the long update posts on either girl like I’d want, but Hadley is at such a funny (and exhausting and trying) age that I want to be able to remember some of the funny things she says and does, so this will serve as a brain-dump type of post with our most recent Hadley-isms!


  • We went to CVS recently to get some medicine and buy some colic-calm to have on hand before Harper arrives.  We were in the baby aisle and I turned around to find Hadley holding a giant package of diapers.  She held it up to me and said “here, momma – baby harper prob-bee need dis.”   {ha – yes honey, too bad they were pull-ups for kids your size!}


  • Our little negotiator constantly tells us “two minutes” and holds up her finger (with only 1 finger, mind you) anytime you tell her it’s about time to do something else (time to change your diaper, time to go take a bath, time to eat dinner, etc…)


  • Still learning pronouns – anytime Hadley wants you to do something with her she uses “you” instead of “me” – for example: carry me upstairs becomes “carry you”; chase me daddy becomes “daddy, chase you”


  • Hadley will bring me my phone randomly during the day and demand: “mommy – tall nana” (call).  And if nana isn’t available for facetime… a meltdown ensues


  • She loves to comment on the weather outside.  If it’s breezy at all, as soon as we walk outside she exclaims “oooh! windy out-tide!” “burrrrrrr!”


  • This one has me a little worried for when baby sister arrives… Hadley will be playing with her baby doll and then will “drop” her or “accidentally” slam her head into the ground, then she’ll say “wah wah” like the baby is crying, all so that she can pick her up her baby to console her.  And there are usually about 20 “momma, momma”s thrown in there to make sure I see that baby is hurt and that she is consoling her by hugging and rocking.  Let’s just hope she doesn’t stage those “accidents” in order to console little sister


{we were watching Elmo on the couch together and sweet girl just laid her hand on my stomach and said “hi bay-bee haw-purr”}

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