Monday, January 7, 2013

Hadley Videos

These videos probably won’t be that interesting to anyone but family, but they have us cracking up, so I thought I’d share!  Please excuse Hadley’s “outfit” in these.  It was her birthday and she had on a dress all day, but requested pizza and “cookies” for dinner – so she got pizza and a cookie cake – which required us to take the white dress off so it didn’t stain!

This first one is of Hadley enjoying just the icing on her cookie cake. Smile


The second one is VERY similar to the first, but we realized we didn’t ask her how old she was in the first one and wanted to have that on video for the future.  Also, my favorite part of this video is around the :47 mark she says one of her favorite phrases right now “oooh man” when she realizes how much icing is on her fingers.  (And in case you were wondering what she says around :38 – it’s “Abby’s Flying Fairy School” because her sippy cup has Elmo & Abby on it.)

These next two were taken right after her cake – you can tell she was on a bit of a sugar high!  She got this puppy from my grandma for Christmas and LOVES to dance with him!  The first one is just showing off her dance moves.  The second video is our little negotiator telling me she needs “two minutes” when I am telling her it’s time for bath.

Hadley’s dance moves

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Sarah said...

I'm not family and I loved these! Can't wait to celebrate with Drew on Sat at his little party with friends!

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