Saturday, February 16, 2013


Since I know a lot of the posts coming up will be about Harper, I want to make sure I document some of the funny things Hadley is saying/doing right now, too. 


  • When she reads her Bible – she sits and flips through the pages yelling saying “baby Jesus!! W’are youuuuuu????” (where are you) until she comes to the page with the picture of Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus in the manger











  • If she is eating something she particularly likes (which is a VERY rare find these days) she will get so excited about it, exclaiming “mmmmmmm!!!  Dis is dee-wish-us!!!” “Sooooo yummy!!”  {The strawberry ice cream cone above is a perfect example of this – that was her first time to ever have one and it happened to occur when Nana was on duty while we were in the hospital…shocker ;)}


  • When I’m putting her down for nap or bedtime (which at the moment, it HAS to be me putting her down, or else we are dealing with MAJOR meltdowns because she has to share momma) – if she hears Harper cry while we’re up in her room reading she will interrupt the story to say “oooh no, bebe Harper cryin…need momma’s milk… prob-bee make her feel betta”


  • She is great at counting and can go almost all the way to 20, but if you ask her to do it on command, or ask her how many of something there is, she almost always says “One, two… five!” 


  • On a daily basis she will grab my phone and say “pay wif momma’s hone – tall nana” (play with momma’s phone – call nana) – and she has actually facetimed and called my mom on multiple occasions all on her own!


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mom e said...

love all the new pics. I can't wait for all the Harper updates along with the Hadley updates!

KC @ genxfinance said...

Aww, Hadley is so adorable. I can imagine her saying Dis is dee-wish-us! while making that face. :D

Lucy Marie said...

She is just so sweet. The counting thing is funny. Eva used to count to 20 by herself. Well, the sixteen-nineteen kinda all sounded the same.. but still, she would attempt. Now, she never counts higher than 8? And if I try to prompt her to count higher, like you said, she just does something weird. Kids are weirdos. Also, E just got the same dress she is wearing in teh first picture,but in red.

Emily said...

So cute! I love the pic on the left with the ice cream cone. Jack will be 2 on the 26th, and this is just a sweet time with him right now. His verbal skills are going off the charts, and I feel like every time he opens his mouth we are laughing at something he's saying. So fun!

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