Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm back...

Obviously, I decided to take a small hiatus from blogging over the holidays - but I'm back and although it's not an official new years resolution - I'm going to try to blog more!

Matt and I had a wonderful Christmas break. As most of you know, we went to London for a week to spend Christmas with Matt's family this year. I was really looking forward to a relaxing trip, and that is exactly what I got! Thankfully, we went to London over the summer, so we were able to do most of the touristy things at that point (read: when it was warm), so I didn't have slave-driver tour-guide extraordinaire, Kelly, forcing me to go out into the cold. Kelly and I got to go to the spa at Selfridges one day, which was my kinda day if you know me at all, and Matt's parents also got us all tickets to see Spamalot and Chicago. Speaking of Spamalot - I was tricked into coincidentally sitting in the "special" seat, which meant I got pulled up on stage! (Quick background: because we walk everywhere in London, I always asked what shoes I should wear so I didn't slow us down. This night in particular I wanted to wear boots that have a sort-of high heel and everyone had told me that was fine, but we did have a pretty good walk after the show to get ice cream. SO... during the show I decided to take my boots off so that my feet weren't tired at all after the show.....) Fast forward to the show: I get pulled up on stage with only my socks on. (Thanks Matt for telling me to put my boots back on when you knew I would get pulled up -- I owe you one.) Oh well - I represented Texas well, and won the "Best Peasant" award on stage :) I'll spare you that level of detail for the rest of the trip - we ate, played games and shopped! Thanks Maggy & Rick for a wonderful Christmas trip! Here's a few pictures from our trip...

The Eye, Westminister Abbey and Big Ben

A monument in Sloane Square

After Spamalot - with my award (and my boots on)

Kelly and I in Sloane Square
Matt and I in Sloane Square

Matt and I in Sloane Square

At Benihana's with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law

After London, we came back to Dallas for a few days before heading down to Austin for a belated Christmas celebration with my family. During our brief stop in Dallas, we had our pre-sheetrock meeting at the house and my parents were nice enough to come up for that! I have to say, though, that I did feel a little sorry for the builder -- they say engineers are their worst nightmares! Not only is my dad an engineer, but he knows pretty much everything there is to know about home building, so our builder, Todd, had a pretty tough critic. I'm so thankful they came though, because Matt and I are pretty clueless since this is our first home! Thanks mom and dad!

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures while we were in Austin (Katie - why did we not take pictures in our pj pants??). We had a great time while we were there though -- lots of good food, games and good company!

One last update on the house front -- once it passes all of it's inspections they will start the brick/stone and sheetrock! I can't wait to have walls! Once there's some new progress I'll post some more pictures. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas -- Happy 2009!

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gohorns said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!

Katie said...

yeah I don't know, that's pretty lame that not only did we not take any pictures, but we didn't take any of us wearing the same pants....odd...I failed on my picture-taking duties, sorry. I'm glad to see the house is coming along!! Love you guys.

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