Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why I love preschoolers

"Dear God, I hope that William, Paris, Neal and Emma are not sick. I hope that they are healthy. And please let everyone come to Jack C.'s birthday party tonight. Thank you. Amen"

Again - I know this is not the most advanced blog topic, and while most people are discussing the inauguration and the implications of Obama being our new president, my blog will continue to stick to the cute/funny quotes that my 4/5 yr olds say in class. The above prayer was from Colin today (who is super bright), listing off the 4 kids who were not in class today while he was "blessing" our snack time.

Also - I had another "you know you teach in Highland Park when..." moment yesterday.

While holding my hand, Frensley looked down at my ring and said "ooh I love your ring, my mom's is the same one.......... except hers is much bigger"
I love this age - because everything is so simple - she was just callin it like it is!
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1 comment:

Kate said...

Oh Highland Park... that's awesome! :) Love your preschooler comments, wish I could find me a preschool job up here!

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