Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another quick baking post

I have been in the mood to bake recently so I thought I'd share a little to help you get in the Valentine's spirit!

First up - I made my first 2-layer cake recently. I've obviously made cakes before, but I had never used our round cake pans to make a double layer cake. I had some cake mix lying around, so I mixed it up (and added about 8 oz. of sour cream and a box of instant vanilla pudding - which I do to every cake/cupcake mix I make - I think it makes it extra moist and not too rich - oh and also extra fattening I'm sure). Anyways - I think it turned out pretty well. I attempted to add a heart on the top of it with decorator's icing, but as you can see, that didn't turn out so hot. It may have something to do with the fact that the icing has been sitting in our pantry for about 6 months. Or it just may have been a user error - regardless, here's the finished product.

I also decided to make some cut-out cookies for Valentine's day. Although at the rate that Matt and I are consuming them, I'm not sure we'll have any left for v-day. I used my mom's cut-out cookie recipe and made 2 separate batches of icing. The first is one I found online that is super tasty (that's what I made the pink icing out of) and the second is my mom's cut-out icing recipe which is simply powdered sugar and milk. SUPER healthy :)
I'm not sure why I chose to feature the XOXO's here because they are obviously not very neatly iced - ignore that please :)

I love Valentine's Day - but I know a lot of people think it's just a made up holiday to make people spend more money. I think it's a great excuse to make sure the people in your life know you love them! What do you think?
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Katie said...

those cookies look yummy (even the xoxo's)

mom e said...

Icouldn't agree more

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