Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just in time!

Since Matt and I were in an apartment prior buying our home, we had (read: still have) a decent amount of furniture to purchase to “fill up” our space.  One of those items that we  I have been looking for more than just about anything is a patio table. 

I could not believe how expensive patio sets were; even a place like Walmart wanted $1500 for a table and 4 chairs!  I may have been a little picky about what I wanted (no glass because I didn’t want it to fall over and shatter; no iron because I didn’t want it to rust or burn your bottom in the summertime).  That left me with wood as an option, and those happened to be even more expensive (go figure, right mom and dad?  Who would have thought that I would only like the more expensive option??).  So I started looking on Craigslist, still finding the sets just a little out of the price range we wanted to spend.  Until last weekend.  I found this beauty…

IMG_2287for what I deemed a “steal” at $150!  It needs a light sanding and a fresh stain, but other than that it’s perfect!  The table can be 3 different sizes (in the picture it has one of the leaves in, so the table can actually get larger than what’s shown), so eventually when we expand our patio, we will have even more room!  Just in time for winter, right?  Oh well – at least that gives me plenty of time to get it in shape for spring!  The longer we are in this house the more I’m realizing the truth in all those statements my parents made about work never ending.  As we get things done, somehow our list gets longer instead of shorter.  For a list maker like me though, life couldn’t be better! 

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Katie said...

looks good!!!

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