Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend away

I guess, seeing as how I implied in my previous post that I would write about this later in the week, that I need to write about out anniversary weekend in San Antonio.  Saturday evening is about as late in the week as it can get, but I am sticking to my word!

Thanks to Matt’s parents for getting us a gift card to stay in San Antonio (for a Christmas gift last year! At least we got it in before this Christmas!) – we were able to stay in one of the nicest hotels on the Riverwalk!  We headed down 35 on Thursday after Matt was finished with work, stopped in Austin to stay there for the night and have a mini birthday celebration with my mom (Happy [belated] Birthday Mom!) and then left for San Antonio on Friday morning. 

Here’s a small picture recap of our weekend…

We stayed at the Watermark…


This isn’t our room, but looks identical to ours…

king-size-bed  We got to hang out at the rooftop pool/hot-tub while we were there :) 988490_19_b

Friday night we ate at Boudro’s, which was delicious!

IMG_2255 On Saturday morning, we got up to head up to Austin to go to the UT/UCF football game, and Katie got to come with us, as well!

 IMG_2264 IMG_2265 IMG_2266

Married for TWO years :)

Saturday  night we were back in San Antonio and went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant for dinner to get fajitas. 


On our actual anniversary, we went out for fajitas again… quick back story: we were married one year to the day from our first “official” date.  On our first date, Matt took me to a Mexican restaurant in Houston for fajitas.  When we were planning the meal for our wedding, we decided to do food that we wanted something different instead of the usual chicken or fish meal, so we did fajitas.  Last year, I was sick on our anniversary, so Matt had to cancel the dinner reservations he had made and ended up picking up fajitas to bring home (because that’s good if you’re running a 102 fever, right?).  So we decided it’s a tradition now, that every year, on November 10th, we have to have fajitas, so off to Chuy’s we went this year! :) 

I know these photo posts are not nearly as entertaining to anyone other than myself, and maybe my mom or Matt’s, so hopefully I’ll find something more interesting to blog about next! 

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