Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Guiltless Gluttony

Last year, we decided to start a new Thanksgiving family tradition of participating in the Thundercloud Turkey Trot the morning of Thanksgiving.  However, a 103 deg fever and a month long sickness kept me at home on the couch last year, so I’m excited to actually participate this year!  I am thankful for health!


We figured that we could indulge our stomachs without all the guilt if we ran/walked 5 miles that morning, so that is what we will do!  This year, Matt’s parents will be joining us as well, for their first American Thanksgiving in 5 years!  Matt and I are so thankful to spend this holiday with both of our families all under one roof! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I understand from Rick that he had a great time spending Thanksgiving with everyone. How wonderful for you all! Now as Christmas approaches, I hope you have a very special time for this holiday as well! Next Christmas should be different if Maggy and Rick are back. All our love from Kentucky--

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