Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snow Day!

On February 11th and 12th, we got more snow in the Dallas area than I have seen in a long time!  I’ve heard different stories on how much we actually got, but it’s somewhere between 7-12in!  Here are a few pictures I took during our snow days!

The below were taken on my way to school…

IMG_2399 IMG_2400  IMG_2395IMG_2388 IMG_2384

A few more after a full day of snowfall!

Coming home from school – the flakes were huge; it was absolutely mesmerizing to watch the snow fall!

 IMG_2417 IMG_2418 

I took this picture at about 11:30pm – without a flash – it was so bright outside from all the snow!  IMG_2423

The next morning – obviously after some cars had driven on the road already, but I couldn’t even see our sidewalk!  IMG_2425 IMG_2428 IMG_2433


I “ventured” out to Target on our day off of school and took this picture of the greenbelt across from our house – it was so beautiful!

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mom e said...

I love the picture of the fence with the trees behind it. That would be a great one to enlarge and frame. I'll take one please. :)

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