Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finally asleep

I don’t know how long I have, so this will be a quick post to show you what Hadley is up to… 

After fussing most of the night and only sleeping yesterday if I was holding her, my baby girl is currently passed out (and has been for an hour and a half!)  I think we’re in the 6 week growth spurt, and it is wearing this mommy out…  (don’t mind her mohawk here – her hair tends to get a little fluffy right after a bath)


So, how, you might ask, did you finally get her to fall asleep?  With this magical device…….












That’s right.  The hair dryer is currently on full blast next to her pack-n-play so she will stay asleep!  Whatever works, right? 

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Colleen said...

Hilarious! good for you for finding something that works.

The Blogivers said...

That's awesome :) Glad you found something that works!

Candace said...

hahahaha i'm just now reading this....amazing.

Katie said...

oh and "Candace" was really me...oops...was signed in to our work account haha.

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