Monday, February 21, 2011

Just a quickie

Just thought I’d post a quick picture or two to commemorate the 7 week birthday of my little girl!  We caught our first smile on camera (sorry for the poor quality of all of these pictures – I took them with my phone) on February 17th.  She seems to only smile consistently first thing in the morning after eating.  Other than that, she is miss serious all the time. 

first smile on camera feb 17


I love that it looks like she has a backpack on in this one… she gave me this look after I put her in her carseat.  I think she was thinking “really, mom?  do we have to go to Target again??” polkadots

And a couple more smiles from our mornings the past couple days… smilessmiles3

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Traci said...

Sooo adorable!! I really love the pic of her in the her car seat!

Liz said...

Baby smiles are the best! :)

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