Thursday, March 3, 2011

2 Month Photo Shoot– and a rough night…

So I actually wrote the previous post yesterday, after Hadley’s appointment, but before what was the hardest night we’ve had so far.  I’ll share a quick update on that, and then get on with the 2 month photo shoot (although I’ll never know if you just skip to the pictures… and I wouldn’t blame you Winking smile)

Like I said in the previous post, Hadley had her 2 month well-baby check up yesterday, which included 3 vaccines (2 shots and an oral one).  The doctor mentioned she might run a low grade fever, could possibly have some nausea/diarrhea (TMI? sorry… that’s the life of a mom), might be sleepier than normal, and might be a little fussier than usual.  Well, we have a fussy baby, I figured – “please… I can handle fussy… how will I even know the difference between her normal fussiness and if it’s from the shots?”  BOY WAS I MISTAKEN. 

Matt and I went to eat at chick-fil-a after her appointment and Hadley slept all the way through, all the way home, and then for another couple hours.  I thought – “great! She’s just going to sleep this off and then we’ll be back to our normal selves!”  Then 5:30 rolled around and she woke up SCREAMING.  Again, still not too worried, I picked up her, changed her and fed her thinking that was all she needed.  Well, she ate, and then proceeded to scream her little lungs out for the next hour… STRAIGHT.  I seriously think she only took maybe 20 deep breaths the entire hour because she was screaming so hard.  I have NEVER heard her cry like this before, we’re talking blood curdling wails.  As soon as the crying started, I gave her a dose of Tylenol and just prayed it would kick in quickly.  Thankfully, Matt was home, so I was able to take a quick mental break since I was crying just about as hard as she was by this point.  The only thing that would get her to stop for even half a second was to turn on every faucet in the bathroom on high, but that was just a temporary interruption, and the screaming would start again.  All of the packets about the vaccines said to only go to the ER or call if the screaming lasts 3 hours… THREE HOURS?  No way could I have handled it that long, and thankfully the Tylenol seemed to kick in about 30 minutes after I gave it to her and turned her screaming into crying, then into fussing and then into a whimper while she tried to fall asleep (the poor girl just wore herself out).  I set the alarm for 4 hours on the dot from when I gave her the Tylenol because I was not going to let it wear off completely again.  10p rolled around and I slowly woke her up and was glad to see she was only fussing a normal amount, so we gave her another dose of Tylenol, changed her and fed her again and the poor girl crashed again until almost 5am!  Ugh – it broke my heart to see her in so much pain and afterwards to see her so completely worn out.  I’m glad we have 2 whole months before the next round, because if they were anytime soon, I can guarantee you we wouldn’t be going back for them. 

Thankfully, my sweet girl woke up a little fussier than usual this morning, and a little sleepier, but seems to be feeling MUCH better.  She even let me do our 2 month photo shoot and gave me some smiles! 

Here comes the photo overload:

IMG_0698 copyIMG_0701 copy copyIMG_0703 copyIMG_0708 copy

This one cracks me up… like she’s saying “SERIOUSLY mom?  Enough.”

IMG_0716 copyIMG_0721 copyIMG_0723 copyIMG_0726 copyIMG_0753 copyIMG_0764 copyIMG_0774 copyIMG_0792 copy

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~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

I could just eat those little chubby legs up! Love it!

Boni said...

I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and have been following it ever since.

First of all, Hadley is ADORABLE! She is really a beautiful baby!

Second of all, you are a great Mommy! I know how shots can be (I have three daughters!) and it is no fun for anyone involved.

A little something I learned (the hard way) is that if I gave the girl(s) a dose of Tylenol about 30 minutes before the appointment and every 4 hours after that for the rest of the day, the screaming and pain was minimal.

Also, I am sure you felt the huge lumps in her legs from the shots. If you kind of massage those during bath, it helps keep their legs from hurting so bad.

I am not trying to butt-in at all and think you are doing a FANTASTIC job, but thought I would share that advice! Hope she continues to feel better!

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