Thursday, March 3, 2011

2 Months Old


weight: 11lbs 13oz (75%)

height: 23 inches (75%)

head circumference: 15 3/4 in (75%)

She is still in size one diapers and wears mostly all 0-3 month clothing.  I actually packed up a box of newborn clothing the other weekend!

My poor sweet girl had to get 2 shots (one in each leg) at her 2 month check-up.  She also got an oral vaccine that she seemed to like the taste of (what can I say, the girl likes to eat).  I think she would have been okay after the first shot – she had almost stopped crying right before the second one.  But then came the second shot, and I have never heard her scream like she did after that one (and believe me, I’ve heard her scream… a lot…).  Daddy scooped her up as soon as they were done and she was just wailing, so I took her and nursed her before we left the doctor’s office.  Other than the shots, the doctor said she looks good and is growing right on track!  

We’re still not sure if she has reflux, a milk protein allergy or just an immature/sensitive stomach.  Because of that, I am not eating ANY dairy (did you know there is dairy in just about everything we eat?  Whey and Casein are also considered dairy – I dare you to check the ingredients on half of the stuff in your pantry and I bet you’ll find dairy in a lot more than you realized), or caffeine (it seems to make her spit up a lot more), or really any gassy foods, all in the name of trying to help keep her tummy happy.  On the plus side, it has been the best post-baby diet I could probably be on – I can officially button all of the jeans in my closet!

Hadley, you have done a lot of growing this past month!  Although you are still a pretty high maintenance baby, you are slowly starting to become a TINY bit more predictable.  You are still sleeping in our room in the bouncy seat – it seems to help with your spitting up, and since you won’t stand for being swaddled, I think it helps you feel a little more enclosed rather than being out in the open in your crib or pack & play.  Plus, since you are still eating every 3 hours or so, it saves mommy some time to have you right there for feedings. 

We have had a handful of nights where you have gone 6 hours between feedings (which means about a 5 hour stretch of sleep for all of us!), but that is definitely the exception and not the norm.  Typically, you eat between 8:30-9:30pm and then go down for the night, usually sleeping until 1:30 or so, then are up again anywhere from 3:30-5:30, then again between 7:30-8:30 and then we are up for the day.  The few times that you have dropped that 1:30a feeding have been glorious!  But, we’ve also had our nights where you seem to think it’s daytime and won’t sleep between midnight and 5am!

Although I am exhausted after that 8am feeding b/c we’ve been up and down so much through the night, that is usually when I get the best smiles out of you!  We got our first smile between 5-6 weeks.  SIDENOTE:  I think the first “real” smile is a lot like the first kick.  You think you felt/saw something, but you’re not quite sure if it was real until it starts happening a little more often.   Yesterday morning was the first time you actually smiled at me when I went to get you out of your bouncy seat!  Usually you are pretty grumpy until after you’ve eaten, but you opened your eyes, looked up at me and grinned!  It just melts my heart and all of my exhaustion is just wiped away! 

I’ve started taking you in the bath with me because it saves us both some time in the evenings and you seem to really like it.  I think you are like your momma, in that you don’t like to be cold.  As soon as I get you in the warm bath water with me you seem to totally relax. 

You have definitely found your hands over the past week or so, and along with that have started drooling a ton more!  I think we may have a thumb sucker on our hands because when you’re waking up to eat, I frequently find you going to town on your little fist with drool covering your face (once that thumb is big enough I think you are going to love it).

You tend to get pretty fussy in the evenings (right when momma needs to make dinner) – but the one thing that almost ALWAYS calms you down is the sound of running water.  If I’m holding you and turn the sink water on high you almost always stop crying (until I turn the water off – we may have some pretty high water bills over the next couple months!). 

Since we’re getting a lot more awake/alert time these days, we invested in a good play mat and so far, you seem to love it!  This is the one we got -


One of the things I really liked about this one is that the little mobile at the top with the lights/music/ladybugs is removable and can go on the car seat like this – hopefully when we start taking some longer car trips (if she ever starts going longer between eating!), this will be some good entertainment. 


Here are some pictures of Hadley enjoying her play mat and having some quality tummy-time! 


“Mom – what are you doing with that big black thing in front of your face? You’re interrupting play time!”


And a few others from the past month…

Listening to daddy reading a story


Silly girl after bathtime!


Smiling at me on her changing table!


SO much fun on the play mat!


Taking a good nap with her nana


Working on that pout – I’m going to venture a guess that she will have daddy wrapped around her little finger just as soon as she can say “bu bu bu daaaaddy… pwease?”


Smiling at daddy…



Meeting new friends


I really don’t put her in the same outfit every day – it just happens that I tend to have my camera out a lot one day and then not much the next. 

And, because this post is long enough already, I’ll save her 2 month photo shoot for the next one.  Stay tuned Smile

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Miranda said...

Aw she is adorable! Where did you get her cute little jeans and hair bow in the pictures that she has the "H" on her shirt?

Christie said...

You have a very sweet girl. She is just beautiful. I am a new blog follower! :)

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