Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hadley is Ten Months Old!

Sweet Hadley Ann, you are ten months old today!  Your daddy and I are just LOVING this stage of life with you right now.  You are so much fun and are becoming quite the little ham.  You are a girl who knows what she wants and doesn’t stop until she gets it (I have to remind myself daily that this will be a good trait to have when you’re older – not the easiest of traits to deal with now).  Here are our guesses at your stats this month (the weight is right on because we had a doctor’s appointment this morning.)

  • Weight: 22 lbs 14 ounces (the doctor always comments on how in shape I must be to carry you around all day – I’m not really, but it is true that you are a workout!)
  • Height: 30 inches
  • Clothes: Mostly size 12-18 months, some jammies and shirts are 18 months – you have a long torso just like mommy
  • Diapers: size 5

We’re entering your first holiday season and it is so much fun to watch you see, explore, and discover all these new experiences.  This month we went to the Pumpkin Patch, the Texas State Fair, and to your first Halloween party where you got to dress up in costume! 

IMG_3489IMG_3560IMG_3584 copyIMG_3588IMG_3607

Your eating habits are mostly the same as last month; still nursing on average 4x a day and eating solids 3x a day (with a snack of some fruit or puffs in the afternoon).  We’re kind of stuck in between solid foods and baby food with you right now.  Sometimes I think you refuse baby food because you’re wanting something you can feed yourself, but you are a little bit dainty and don’t always like the texture of holding real food.  Other than every flavor under the rainbow in purees, you’ve had shredded chicken, ground beef, spaghetti (with a tiny bit of tomato sauce), black beans with avocado on a whole wheat tortilla, waffles, whole wheat blueberry pancakes, steamed zucchini and a couple bites of momma’s beef stew (which you loved, but judging by the amount of water you downed afterwards, I think there was a little too much seasoning in it for you!)

Speaking of your disdain for different textures – this video shows how much you love (sarcasm) grass.

IMG_1273We had 2 straight weeks, this month, of you sleeping 12+ hours straight at night.  That unfortunately has stopped, but I think it’s due to the fact that you might have a bit of momma’s cold, and you’re cutting more teeth.  The past 4 or 5 nights you have screamed until I come in and rock you to sleep.  That is SO not like you!  Generally after nursing you squirm in my arms until I put you down – you are not a cuddler at all.  I’m trying to be thankful (rather than frustrated) for these rock-to-sleep nights because I know all too soon you won’t want me to rock you anymore. IMG_1282

Speaking of teeth, baby girl you are popping teeth through left and right – literally!  Last month you had 3 teeth, and this month you have 7!  You now have 3 teeth on the bottom (2 middle teeth and bottom right) and 4 up top (2 middle and the 2 right next to those - the far left one JUST started cutting through).  IMG_1302

One of your favorite “tricks” this month has been waving “Hi!” and “Bye-Bye!”  It doesn’t quite look like real waving just yet - you hold your elbow up to shoulder height and then just sort of flop the rest of your arm back and forth towards your chest – but you get super excited and smile when you’re doing it… so proud of yourself!  You were waving with both arms (with candy in your hands) at the trick-or-treaters in the picture below…


You’re still great at drinking out of sippy cups, I think you tend to get a little more out of the ones with straws, but you can drink out of either kind.  Because of that, we haven’t even tried to give you a bottle recently.  I think the next time I have to be away from you long enough that you’ll need milk, we’ll just put it in a sippy cup for you. 


This video is a little long, but it’s a pretty good glimpse at what our playtime looks like these days… you LOVE to drop things over the edge of whatever you’re sitting on. 


Hadley, your daddy and I love you more than you could EVER imagine.  Thank you for being such a blessing in our lives these past 10 months!  We can’t wait to see what the next 10 bring!

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