Thursday, December 29, 2011

Early Celebrations

I am so behind in posting this, but at least it’s still December!  We hosted Christmas twice this year and are just finally getting the house back in order and sorting through the toys that have taken over our home!  We started celebrating the Christmas season (and getting lots of wear out of Hadley’s Christmas outfits) early with a neighborhood Christmas party the weekend of the 3rd.  Santa came for a visit and gave out books and candy canes to the kiddos brave enough to sit on his lap. ;)  Hadley did surprisingly well and managed to hold it together (for the most part), although she was clearly not very comfortable with him.




Okay momma… I’ve had enough!


Our next-door neighbors came, too.  Camry is just 2 months older than Hadley and the girls have so much fun playing together! 


Hadley really likes Camry’s accessories. ;)


This next one cracks me up.  I’m not sure what Hadley was looking at, but whatever it was, it was far more exciting than daddy holding the camera!


Even though it had started to sprinkle when we were leaving, we decided to ride the train before we left the party.  I’m not sure Hadley had any idea we were even on a train, but we had fun! :)


We continued the celebrations with Matt’s family the weekend of the 17th (almost 2 weeks ago – sorry for the delay!).  We had a great time just hanging out and eating out, and, as always, Hadley ate up every bit of attention she could get!  Here’s a quick re-cap in pictures of our time together.


“Wow!  I love this puzzle!”


“Thank you Aunt Kelly!”


The next picture is one of my all time favorites.  My little cheese-er, giving me a goofy grin while she watched her daddy and grandpa put together her new wagon!


Of course, we had to take the new wagon out for a stroll!  Hadley LOVED it!


We had so much fun with our “early celebrations” and feel so blessed to have the family and friends God has placed in our lives!

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Brittany said...

I LOVE her little gold shoes!! So glad you all had a great Christmas!

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